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2nd time having sex

He popped my cherry the first time and we seen the blood but this time I had an inkling that it might be blood again. Of course, I remember losing my virginity, too, but that memory feels more like something I intentionally seared into my brain in preparation for some strange self-biography test I will never actually have to take. Anyways, I wanted to ask how long does it take for it to heal down there? So, my very best adice to you would be to take the time to get to know your body and what you like and don't like with solo sex masturbation and then use that knowledge of yourself to bring into the sex you share with your partner. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I find talking about things that seem embarrassing can take away a lot of their power real or imagined.

2nd time having sex

Sometimes there is a little bit of spotting during intercourse the first time, usually because the hymen a thin piece of tissue that covers part of the vaginal opening tears. Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. This is because the vagina itself has very few sensory nerve endings. Also, remember to always use a condom whenever you have sex! As for pain or bleeding because of engaging in sex - whether it's the first time, second or the thousandth time - it's usually to do with your partner or yourself being too rough, there not being enough lube involved, and the person with the vagina not being very aroused or really desiring sex at all. Not that it wasn't meaningful and important. She orgasmed many years later with another person entirely. That part might as well be a losing-my-virginity story. And, if you are feeling shy about having sex, then remember you get to make the choice not to do so until you are ready! Anyways I could hear wet noises when he was thrusting me the second time and I thought it was because I was wet. That's it; that's the whole story. I mean, it's definitely much weirder to have your pants off in a car, but, given the scenario, that was a utilitarian must. How long should I wait until the second time and will it hurt as much as the first? I have had stomach pains since the morning and feel a little nauseous which is strange. By then, you were a little more confident, a little more adventurous, and a lot more capable of processing your surroundings and committing them to memory. My BF was very considerate because he stopped after the first round because he didn't want to hurt me but I really wanted to do it again. Lube is essential for keeping sexual touching comfortable, enjoyable and safe. So, my very best adice to you would be to take the time to get to know your body and what you like and don't like with solo sex masturbation and then use that knowledge of yourself to bring into the sex you share with your partner. Second, I am so glad that you asked!! But usually, there's only blood that first time. When we're super duper aroused, our clitorises fill up with blood and become errect, the vagina becomes way more flexible and elastic, lubricated, and the cervix moves back to make the vagina longer; typically by about inches longer. Take care and feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions!! When we're aroused, those muscles seem to 'pull' fingers into our vaginas, and it accepts them in, rather than resisting as they do when we aren't aroused. When the vagina is dry, tense and ridgid, entry into the vagina does tend to hurt for all of us, if you know what I mean? Just know that it's different for everyone and no two experiences are alike. Everybody in the whole world has a very different body, and different things we find pleasurable - which is why masturbation is a great for getting know what we like and don't like with sex. Also, my girlfriend at the time and I both had parents who seemed to never ever leave the house, and we had very few options for privacy.

2nd time having sex

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    But it just doesn't compare to the second time when I was like, "I GOT this," while never having gotten it less. It wouldn't have been your Corona - which is the new name for the hymen - as it does not break.

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    There's no age limits on buying lube or anything, and the sales people will probably just assume you're using it to make tampon entry more comfortable and easy - as lots of people feel they need lube for using tampons. When I think of it now, I can't help but imagine how awful it must have been for my girlfriend to have a boney, teenage me coming at her shirt-no-pants like a condom clad Winnie the Pooh.

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