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Acupuncture treating sex disorders

Other binary data will be changed into the RR form. The trials that lacked a validated questionnaire e. After providing informed consent, subjects completed validated questionnaires. Future well-designed and rigorous RCTs with a large sample size are needed. Some of these medications include: Assessment of reporting biases If we are able to pool data from more than 10 trials for the primary outcome, a funnel plot will be created and examined to explore possible small study biases. As a result, the safety of acupuncture for ED is uncertain because of the inadequate reporting of adverse events. Methods This study was an investigational, open-label case study.

Acupuncture treating sex disorders

These studies have primarily focused on patients with ED caused by psychological, rather than medical or physical, issues. Female participants reported a significant improvement in libido and lubrication and a nonsignificant trend toward improvement in several other areas of function. The following search terms were used individually or in combination: If this is the case, consult your doctor before taking any herb or supplement as they can adversely affect some medications or medical conditions. Assessment of reporting biases If we are able to pool data from more than 10 trials for the primary outcome, a funnel plot will be created and examined to explore possible small study biases. Methods Premenopausal women with a primary diagnosis of HSDD were included in a single-arm prospective pilot study that was approved by the institutional review board. Be sure to see a qualified acupuncturist. However, some results seem hopeful in the effectiveness of acupuncture for psychological ED. As new emerging technology examining energy flows emerges, we will better understand the theories of energy flow. Sensitivity analysis Sensitivity analysis will be conducted to explore the effects of trial risk of bias on important outcomes. Unit of analysis issues The unit of analysis will be each patient recruited into the trials. Acknowledgments The authors thank Csilla L. MA showed significant effects on improving erectile function compared with the sham group RR 7. There are various therapeutic options for treating ED, including psychosexual therapy, penile prostheses, revascularization, vacuum constriction devices, injection of vasoactive drugs, and oral drug therapy [ 4 , 5 ]. This trial is registered with CRD The MINI was also re-administered for each study participant by MV at visit 12, and at a follow-up 1 month post study completion. However, the overall methodological and reporting quality of the studies was low. All other eligible individuals were offered enrollment in the study, and those interested in participating signed informed consent. Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria We determined the inclusion criteria according to the participants, interventions, comparator, and outcomes PICOs [ 14 ]; only randomized controlled trials RCTs were included. The control group received psychological therapy 24 times in a month that was aimed to help patients improve their confidence. Comparison between acupuncture and sham, placebo or no treatment. If clinical and methodological heterogeneity is present, we will perform subgroup analyses. The safety of acupuncture for ED was unclear because there were too few reports on this topic. Adverse events should be identified and reported in full. The treatment group received EA with needles inserted into traditional acupoints on the legs and abdomen. Acupuncture versus Sham Acupuncture Two trials compared the effects of acupuncture with sham acupuncture.

Acupuncture treating sex disorders

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    Individuals eligible for the study were those with current sexual dysfunction of any subtype that began after the initiation of antidepressant treatment, without a prior history of sexual dysfunction otherwise.

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    Results Fifteen women were enrolled and 13 completed the study. Acupuncture versus Sham Acupuncture Two trials compared the effects of acupuncture with sham acupuncture.

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    A number of other treatments have been proven effective for various causes of ED.

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    At the same time, they were treated with acupuncture once a day.

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    Control no treatment, placebo therapy or other active treatment.

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