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Anchorage sex offender map

The extreme length of the registration period may exacerbate these problems. Definition of a Sex Offender A sex offender is a person who is convicted of one or more of Alaska's laws relating to sexual behavior. The majority of offenders surveyed report that they have experienced first-hand social or psychological effects resulting from the public registries. Those offenders will have to check-in at least four times a year. Audits assure "best practices" are appropriately focused on risk. The Department of Public Safety does not keep track of how many people visit the site.

Anchorage sex offender map

If you have been arrested and charged with a state or federal sex offense, then you can greatly benefit from hiring Mr. These problems are particularly acute for juvenile offenders. Those convicted of one aggravated sex offense or at least two sex offenses or child kidnappings must register with the state for life; those convicted of lesser charges must register with the state for 15 years. For reasons stated above, Internet publication of an employer name and address is one of the consequences of registration most likely to de-stabilize an offender socially and psychologically. In Alaska, however, a conviction triggering registration is defined as a conviction of an adult or a juvenile charged as an adult AS In Alaska, an offender who has served his sentence for a single, nonaggravated crime must provide local law enforcement authorities with extensive personal information—including his address, his place of employment, the address of his employer, the license plate number and make and model of any car to which he has access, a current photo, identifying features, and medical treatment—at least once a year for 15 years. Of these negative consequences, employment difficulties are perhaps most significant. This type of legislative fine-tuning, however, will not solve the most fundamental problems with the statute—overbreadth and the absence of treatment incentives. Links last verified 23 Aug Registrants may not shave their beards, color their hair, change their employer, or borrow a car without reporting those events to the authorities. A longer version of this piece, with complete legal citations, is available on the Justice Center website at http: This legislation, adopted in , required every state to enact a sex offender registration program meeting certain minimum guidelines or face a reduction in federal grant funding for law enforcement 42 U. The Connecticut legislature, for example, adopted a system using individualized clinical assessment to determine which offenders would be subject to registration requirements. Widespread disclosure was required only for those at the highest risk of reoffending approximately five percent of the whole. Offenders are sometimes subjected to protests and group actions designed to force them out of their jobs and homes. The Senate version of the bill included many exceptions for registering. The final version of the bill was full of compromises. Under the Walsh Act, states must require a minimum of 25 years registration for mid-level offenses and lifetime registration for the most serious offenses. Studies show, however, that offenders who view punishment as too severe or inescapable may be more likely to reoffend and that many offenders subject to the lifetime registration requirement feel states have opened the door to endless harassment and stigmatization. Much of this registration information is placed on the Internet. In addition, the greater the number of postings, the more difficult and expensive it is for the state to ensure accuracy and respond to noncompliant offenders. SeekVerify is a notification tool that you get to personalize. Although sex offender treatment remains a controversial issue, these results are consistent with the general findings of studies conducted over the last decade or so—studies that refute the earlier belief that sex offenders are impervious to treatment. Case management refers to the coordination and implementation of a cluster of activities directed toward supervision, treatment and management of the behavior of an individual sex offender. The majority of offenders surveyed report that they have experienced first-hand social or psychological effects resulting from the public registries. Another study looking at the social and psychological effects of registration on sex offenders found many experiencing feelings of despair and hopelessness in the absence of individualized assessment.

Anchorage sex offender map

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