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Boy tongue piercing sex

You ought to get a new toothbrush once you have a tongue piercing. Why a person gets a particular body part pierced is often a personal, idiosyncratic decision, but there are some common reasons and misconceptions that can be addressed. Before piercing, the piercer will examine the tongue, paying attention to the location of blood vessels. The tongue is expected to swell to up to double its size after piercing. Permanence Body piercings should never be considered temporary—they are permanent body modifications that often leave scars, marks or other alterations to the body. That said, tongue piercings are among the easiest piercings to "retire.

Boy tongue piercing sex

Larger stretched holes can take a few days. The tongue is one of the most versatile organs from the body. The barbell of the ring can be used by a skilled lover to tease, stimulate and pleasure a partner when performing oral sex. This irritation is said to cause the gums to recede. Tongue rings enhance the pleasure derived from oral sex, for both men and women. When the piercing is new, a liquid diet is more fitting. Then you should check our buying guide. For this reason, a string or a thorn covered rope was attached to the hole. Swelling is expected to reduce in about three days and will subside completely in seven to eight days. Spiritual and Ritual Significance Certain ancient and tribal cultures pierced their tongue for ritual purposes. Slurred speech Slurred speech is to be expected in the first few days after the tongue piercing has been inserted, especially when the tongue is swollen. Tongue rings increase sexual pleasure A tongue piercing is one of the most common piercings that people get in order to increase sexual stimulation. Tongue piercing was common among Indian Fakirs and Sufis, Asian mediums and the Australian aborigines. It is also advisable to keep your head well positioned i. Piercing the tongue has ancient antecedents, but it wasn't until the s and the rise of body-modification culture that tongue piercing became widespread. For this reason, you should expect an increase in saliva after getting a new piercing. Tongue piercings may also contribute to receding gums, if the piercing is pushed repeatedly against the front teeth. Or they may enjoy having a semi-private, semi-public piercing—one that can only be glimpsed in everyday conversation but is easy to show off to the right audience. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. However, the presence of saliva acts as a deterrent for infections. Aztec and Mayan art depicts this practice, and a central Australian tribe called the Aranda still perform these piercings to mark the initiation of a shaman. For this reason, you ought to rinse your mouth with salty water about 12 times daily. Enhanced Sexual Pleasure There's a widespread misconception that the only reason to get a tongue piercing is to improve your ability to give blow jobs, and that therefore any man who gets a tongue piercing must be gay. The intention was to draw blood for blood sacrifices. A mark may or may not be left behind. The tongue swells after piercing. Piercing the tongue was believed to create an altered state of consciousness through which they could communicate with their deities.

Boy tongue piercing sex

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    Aesthetics Some men simply enjoy the way a tongue piercing looks and feels in their mouth.

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    Teeth can even crack eventually because of this habit. The tongue swells after piercing.

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    Aesthetics Some men simply enjoy the way a tongue piercing looks and feels in their mouth.

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    The safest place to pierce the tongue is in the midline.

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