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Sex Abuse under military regime in Burma

Burma sex tgp

Turning Tricks at a Myanmar Truck Stop Some poor country girls survive by turning tricks with truck drivers doing the lonely overnight run between Mandalay and Taunggyi, Ko Htwe wrote in The Irrawaddy: They ply a risky trade, constantly on the watch for patrolling police. We went in and ordered something to eat. I stop near a small village called Thar Yar Gone to witness a nat-pwe, or spirit festival. The sex workers generally come from families who can barely afford to feed their children, much less send them to school.

Burma sex tgp

Shocked as if with a jolt of energy, they start a panicked dance, twirling and colliding into members of the crowd. It took him nearly 20 years to master his craft. Although Burmese citizens can get three-month residency permits to live in Chinese towns along the border, prostitution is illegal in China, and sex workers live in constant fear of arrest. Aye spent a month in a Rangoon jail after paying a bribe. Where this leaves Myanmar's gay men, psychologically, I can only imagine. Their clients vary, ranging from college students, policemen, business people, taxi drivers or trishaw drivers. We went in and ordered something to eat. The drunken crowd mocks him with catcalls, but Pine looks unfazed. Its spirit practitioners, known as nat ka daws, are almost always of ambiguous gender, and are thought to be married to a particular spirit or nat. She has three other older children, all of whom are married. Aye recalls that two years ago, she suspected that she might have HIV. The next day he and his dancers will have left Thar Yar Gone, a small fortune in their pockets. Daily Mail] Prostitution in Myanmar Despite the fact that prostitution is illegal in Myanmar, many women are in the sex trade because of the difficulties making decent money doing anything else. Some of the spirits might be female, for whom the male nat-kadaw dons women's clothing; others, warriors or kings, require uniforms and weapons. Meanwhile, the people in this village will be back to finding ways to survive along the river. She later tried to escape, only to be recaptured in Kawthaung and sold to another brothel in Ranong. He became an official nat-kadaw, he says, when he was only They know this means one of two things: Parents can't control their kids so strictly anymore. I stop near a small village called Thar Yar Gone to witness a nat-pwe, or spirit festival. Its corridors reeked of cigarette smoke, alcohol and cheap perfume. Her face was thick with make-up. Across the street sit Emperor and Shanghai, two indoor clubs which teem with women who moonlight as prostitutes to earn extra money. Elsewhere, condom use varies significantly according to nationality and ethnicity. But some dancers say they are pressured by their managers to bring in a certain amount of money every night and this, more often than not, means having sex with men for cash.

Burma sex tgp

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    Still others, she adds, incur a further debt to pay for a police "escort" to take them to one of the major sex centers in Chiang Mai, Bangkok or Pattaya, where earnings are greater.

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    She woke up and looked at us.

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    The music reaches a feverish pitch when several performers emerge to announce the actual spirit possession ceremony. The men in the crowd clap, cheer and ogle as the ladies strut in tight-fitting slinky black and white bell-bottomed outfits.

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