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Is Oral Sex a Sin? Honorable? Deviant Behavior?

Catholics and oral sex

One may never do evil, including unnatural sexual acts within marriage, because such acts by their very nature contradict the moral order. Any act of bringing the woman to sexual climax outside of natural intercourse is a sexual act that is not open to life. Thank you for your attention and God bless all of you. Unnatural sexual acts are intrinsically disordered and always gravely immoral, and are inherently not open to life. Stimulation of the genitals orally, anally, manually, or with objects or devices is immoral, even if such an act precedes, prepares for, accompanies, or follows an act of natural marital intercourse open to life. The fact that an act of natural marital relations occurs next does not make the former act moral because intrinsically immoral acts can never be justified. This claim, in all of its various forms, is a heresy against the true Catholic Faith.

Catholics and oral sex

The teaching of the Catholic Church permits no other type of sexual act, except natural genital-to-genital intercourse, which is open to life, which does not include any unnatural sexual acts, and which is within marriage. Nor can one claim that more than one sexual act is to be considered a single act because sexual climax occurs only after the other sexual act or acts. Again, the two sexual acts are clearly separate. The bottom line in these cases must be the intention of the couple. Furthermore, an immoral act which is partially completed is still immoral. Lying is still wrong, even if it is preceded by, combined with, or followed by several important true statements. By masturbation is to be understood the deliberate stimulation of the genital organs in order to derive sexual pleasure. May marriage be honorable in every way, and may the marriage bed be immaculate. Unnatural sexual acts are never justified, even if used only to stimulate or to arouse prior to natural marital relations. Even if stimulation by an unnatural act is not completed with sexual climax, or is followed by climax within natural marital relations, the former unnatural act is still immoral because it is intrinsically disordered; it cannot be justified by being partial, nor by being combined with another act. Mary Ann Parks John replied: One cannot group together and justify a series of sexual acts, even if some of these acts are only partial and are completed with sexual climax in an act of natural marital relations. Other kinds of sexual acts are contrary to this intention and purpose of God, which He designed within human nature. Furthermore, it should never be forced on the spouse if he or she finds it unpleasant or distasteful. Producing a sexual climax in the husband or wife, by any means other than acts of natural marital intercourse open to life, is immoral. Certain kinds of acts are intrinsically evil and are therefore always immoral, regardless of circumstances, intention, or purpose. The former act is no different in its nature, yet it is rightly condemned when it is solitary. The idea that only the male climax is relevant to procreation is both false and irrelevant. In this passage, Saint Augustine first compares natural sexual relations within marriage, done out of impure desires, to the same natural sexual acts outside of marriage. Some ethicists have tried to undermine or contradict the definitive teaching of the Church that contraception is always immoral by combining an act that is open to life with other sexual acts that are not open to life. Sexual relations within marriage are a part of the Sacrament of Marriage, are even necessary to its validity, and therefore unnatural sexual acts within a Christian marriage are offenses against the Sacrament as well as offenses against the natural moral law. Now in judging the morality of any sexual act, each act must be considered individually and separately. The expression 'that use which is against nature' refers to unnatural sexual acts, such as oral sex, anal sex, or manual sex. It is licit and proper to perform activities that will help to bring a spouse closer to climax, but it is not licit to purposely frustrate the nature of the marital act, or to induce climax in a man or woman without reference to intercourse. To the contrary, natural marital relations is genital-to-genital and open to life, whereas unnatural sexual acts are not genital-to-genital and not open to life, therefore these two are clearly not one act. As stated repeatedly by the same Pope in Veritatis Splendor, there are no exceptions, circumstances, or intentions which can make any intrinsically evil act moral, and this includes sexual acts which are inherently not open to life.

Catholics and oral sex

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