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Sex On Period - What Men Think About Sex During Period

Do men like period sex

By definition, it's feminine nature, and therefore it's power. For whatever reason, there has been a large degree of social stigma affiliated with something naturally occurring within our bodies as women. Related stories recommended by this writer: Do women need a masturbation manual? The tides turned and the floodgates finally opened one night a few years into my sex life where I was honest with myself and my inner desires. It's just a confirmation that I'm not pregnant. Read on below as men reveal why they like period sex! I'm all about giving oral sex while a woman is on her period for the same reason, as well. Sign up today and be the first to get notified on new updates, exclusive events, retreats and giveaways!

Do men like period sex

While I expected the the first responses to all be a hard no, it turns out, not everyone will turn down period sex. Most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm — and you can have plenty of that with a tampon still in. Like, have you seen me naked? There's something very taboo about a crimson dick. I've had protected and unprotected sex with a woman on her cycle but during the last day and maybe the first. Dylan was unsure, but gave me a compliment to lessen the blow of rejecting me Now that I think about it, I'm low-key salty he described my body as just "good". This guy was a skeptic But it turns out he was that desperate! Throughout my little experiment, I never thought any guy would even consider the idea of having period sex, but after speaking with randos on dating apps, it became clear to me that some dudes aren't too good for a menstrual sex session. How do you feel about period sex? Which makes sense — if you have regular periods, are you really going to deny yourself sex for one week out of every month? Then again, I'm drop-dead gorgeous, so they'd probably be my slave if I asked them to. Instead of ostracising people on their periods and period sex, we should just be more open about it. Although I felt a tad bit of judgmental undertones, I think I'm cute enough to swing his vote in my favor. I've never thought that a period was something that should prevent you from sharing your love. I'm disappointed my friend didn't want to hit it, I'll still keep him around. Sure, there is fetish around period blood, but for the most part, people just want to have sex despite the obstacles. My a-ha moment with how I felt about period sex led me to wondering how others outside of me viewed period sex. I've only ever heard what was wrong about periods. I'm still not fully convinced he'd get it on with me if I was on my period but the fact that he had the decency to think about it if the situation presented itself made him look more attractive than he actually was. Well, no shit, Sherlock. We put down a towel, grabbed a condom because don't be fooled, you can get pregnant while on your period, uterine lining shedding or not , and I was able to try it out without my overthinking getting in the way of what I was feeling. It doesn't matter if men, in general, like it or not. I've found that not only am I more sensitive and more aroused at this time, but around day three or four of my cycle, the amount of blood down there is very minimal, especially when excited. There's something off about how we look at sex generally — we are way, way too focused on penetration as the only form of sex. Doggystyle and other positions where depth reigns truest should be avoided at the start of the period but can be worked in as the flow becomes lighter later on in the cycle.

Do men like period sex

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    The only problem for me is that I'm dumb about first aid and am the type who takes control of injury situations to make sure everyone is okay and my mind goes 'blood- gotta go into medic-wanna-be mode' in my defense I've actually gotten a fair amount of first responded training which is kind of a mood kill. Or at least as the "pinnacle" of sex.

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    When you're having period sex you either don't care about those messages or you're enjoying reveling in your own dirtiness. Some people may be in the thralls of cramps and self-loathing ie:

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    When you're having period sex you either don't care about those messages or you're enjoying reveling in your own dirtiness.

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