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Exhibitionist sex parties

People shuffle out of the way on the floor to give us some more room. While the women can wear whatever they choose, their prey — the men — must be naked and ready to run for their lives. Nick produces a length of rope and instructs me to hold my arms straight out and together behind my back. I am very happy to be tied up when we have these parties — happier than anyone. Nick, kneeling on my right, grips my hair again and reminds me of the golden rule. He produces a spreader bar and locks my ankles to either end, forcing me to kneel with my legs wide apart.

Exhibitionist sex parties

Kat appears out of nowhere and lightly skips between everyone towards me, all smiles and excitement. This post is based on a true story, but names have been changed for anonymity. Some researchers have claimed that this is a variant of exhibitionism, even though it has no in-person physical component. I politely disengage from the conversation I am having and disentangle myself from the other partygoers on the bed. The bed on which we are lounging has been pushed sideways against the wall to create room for as many people as possible. Then he turns me and catches my slim wrists behind my back with one strong hand, knocking me off balance and backwards into him. She starts to tease my cunt with the wand and I stifle a moan. Ladies are encouraged to bring a wide range of tools and implements, or even use what nature has given around them. However, rather than being sleazy, many of them just want you to feel welcome and safe in a warm and comfortable environment. So now that somebody has gone first, they know that they can start picking up the various things strategically placed around the room and playing with each other too — bundles of rope, different sized hand cuffs and leather restraints, paddles and floggers and canes. When people travel to Bubastis for the festival, this is what they do. He kisses her too, and stops briefly to run one hand over her perfectly formed curves. Kat reaches between my legs and cups my cunt in her hand, feeling my wetness soaking through my knickers and lace tights already. There are often rooms that are specifically for you to have fun with your partner while others watch without joining in. I am very happy to be tied up when we have these parties — happier than anyone. Advertisement Or at least to avoid being hit by a paintball gun. People always watch and smile and ask me how it feels, or ask Nick some technical question about rope bondage, and some are waiting for their turn. Advertisement Advertisement There are also rooms where you can arrive single, and still play with others. If you think you recognise anyone in this story or any guest blogs please keep it to yourself. Advertisement However, what they fail to show is the wide range of people who take part. In fact, many young couples are seeing it as their only option to get some privacy away from flatmates and parents. Nick produces a length of rope and instructs me to hold my arms straight out and together behind my back. Nobody involves themselves in the scene, they know they are only there to watch and enjoy my delicious torture. Details of how to apply can be found on fetlife. I feel comfortable here and I like the attention. The act is most often done for the sake of humour, disparagement, or mockery. They work together over agonizing minutes to bring me closer to orgasm, and closer to breaking point with the cane.

Exhibitionist sex parties

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