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Telling a Male from a Female Iguana

Finding out the sex of an iguana

There are a couple things you can look for, one is the hemipenis bulge at the base of the tail. Male iguanas also have noticeable femoral pores on the insides of their legs. I am always available to help sex an iguana if you would like help, you can reach me on my instagram page the fasted or on Ontario Iguanas Facebook page. Female Appearance Female iguanas tend to have longer, slimmer bodies than their male counterparts. However, I have found that generally females bob jerkily, erratically

Finding out the sex of an iguana

Most of the pores on a female will be barely noticeable, the exception being the first few which may be pronounced. Bobbing Both males and females bob, so you cannot use this as a distinction. The first that is often seen of these plugs is hard balls of feces protruding from the vents. I have seen so many causes where an iguana has laid eggs and the owners are so shocked because they thought their ig was a male the whole time. Two other male characteristics are a heftier, heavier body and a bulge near the base of the tail where the hemipenes are located. This photo, taken from underneath the chin, gives a great view of the swollen jowls. Behavior During breeding season you may notice gender-specific behavior changes in your iguanas. For more information on breeding season, please visit our Breeding Season Issues page. This is where their hemipenes are stored. Males are also more likely to have a large dewlap underneath their chin and large muscles next to their jaws. This is Brownie, who is also a mature male. Their heads are smaller and more streamlined, and lack the fatty deposits behind the eyes and the more pronounced jowls. Older females may get jowly, and smaller, submissive males may have very small or no jowls. Dorsal Crest The dorsal crest on males begins to get taller than the crest on females, especially in the nuchal area on the back of the neck. Female iguanas are the only ones who lay eggs. Notice that she lacks the fatty deposits and the larger, more pronounced jowls. Knowing your iguana's gender can enable you to provide better, gender-specific care for your pet as well as prevent unwanted breeding from occurring if you have multiple iguanas. Dewlap The dewlap gular crest on the male has not yet started to lengthen, but I have noticed that, on males, tiny notches are usually visible in the bottom edge of their dewlaps which are not found on the females. Males also tend to have longer dorsal spikes along their back, especially along the neck area. Her head is smaller. They tend to have undefined jowls and lack "brain bumps". Secondly you can look for the femoral pores along the underside of the upper leg. The hemipenal bulge is typically noticeable between 1 and 1. Males bob in greeting as well as to gently reassert their dominance on a routine basis I refer to is as the "I'm king of the hill and you're not" bob - these are administered from a relaxed reclining position. During the breeding season, ejaculate matter may be seen as a milky white substance floating in the urates. You can also see Jake's jowls, with the large subtympanic shield scales for an explanation of anatomical terms, see our Anatomy page.

Finding out the sex of an iguana

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    This photo, taken from underneath the chin, gives a great view of the swollen jowls. Hemipenes At about months, males begin to develop soft small bulges where their hemipenes are tucked into their tails.

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    You can also see Jake's jowls, with the large subtympanic shield scales for an explanation of anatomical terms, see our Anatomy page.

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    Male Appearance Mature adult male iguanas tend to be noticeably larger than mature females. They are typically slimmer and have smaller heads than males do.

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