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Hes too fat to have sex

Have you specifically said to him his weight is worrying you and affecting how you feel about him? Research has shown that after participating in an exciting joint physical challenge or novel activity, many couples reported feeling happier in their relationships. He may be happy with his size despite what others say and do. If he feels you are part of an everyday experience of humiliation he may well be resistant to changing or even to discuss this with you. Vicki and Octavia, our mother and daughter agony aunts, answer your questions 7:

Hes too fat to have sex

You may get further by thinking about these factors yourself, or talking to him about those, rather than your previous instructions about his diet and fitness more on this shortly. One guy we spoke to gained nine kilos while dating his now-ex. You can support him in doing this, but you cannot force him to do anything he is not ready for. Please note that by submitting your question to Petra, you are giving your permission for her to use your question as the basis of her column, published online at Wonder Women. I want my husband to lose weight. Is he getting ready to leave me? If I were following a traditional advice column approach, I would now give dire warnings about obesity. Have you specifically said to him his weight is worrying you and affecting how you feel about him? Follow My boyfriend and I have just come back from holiday. Tell him that his weight worries you horribly because you fear losing him betimes. This holiday has shown me he must change. I know men don't like being told what to do, but how do I broach this subject? Can you accept him? How could he rely on your love and care while he loses weight assuming it would not be a quick process. People stared and I heard some of them laughing and commenting. Petra can only answer based on the information you give her and her advice is not a substitute for medical, therapeutic or legal advice. You are entitled to feel upset about this. If you no longer desire him you do not have to stay with him. Men don't feel it until they're He may be eating healthy food, but just too much of it. I tried to get him to join a gym with me. The New Guide to Sexual Love. Joined his late-night McDonalds runs? He could find out more about healthy eating or exercise. Come up with some practical help and get started on getting him or, better still, both of you fitter. This is how long most couples date before getting married Joburger Dawn Tlhapane had always been petite, but after dating her guy for a while, she started gaining weight, and went from a size 28 to Your guy may be going through the same thing.

Hes too fat to have sex

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    My guy said he adored my new curves, but they were making me self-conscious.

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