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How To Get Your Girlfriend More Comfortable With Anal Sex

How to get comfortable with anal sex

Try to buy a good lubricant specifically designed for anal sex. No, it will not hurt at the moment Find the right position. For this reason, you guys need to make sure the sex toys you use are specifically designed for anal play. You should be highly aroused before going there, and having an orgasm or three beforehand never hurt either. A little green goes a long way. Relax, but yes it might hurt a bit.

How to get comfortable with anal sex

Now, it's your turn to relax Being on top allows one to control the speed and depth of thrusting. Make sure you are very well informed about what to do and what not to do. Professional porn stars are probably already stretched out, and may be using some numbing cream or gel to dull the pain. Be sure to stock up on lube. Therefore, do not let him just stick his penis in there right away! Relaxation is a job of both of you guys. Anal sex is one of them. Don't just decide to do it and go for it. A version of this article was originally published in October And while you may not consider it your most aesthetic attribute, I promise the person doing the penetrating will find that wrinkly little thing sexually compelling, hair and all. Fingers and toys can be especially useful in preparing the area for full penetration. The rules about using condoms. Choosing the wrong position Choosing the wrong position can make things harder to handle. Most experts recommend a water-based lubricant. So, does anal sex hurt without lube? Shutterstock Anal sex can seem daunting, but in reality, it can be just as pleasurable as it is exciting, and as fun as it is liberating. Some prefer lying on their stomachs. First and foremost, invest time in the foreplay. But sexual adventurers who fancy the occasional toke know how intensely smoking can enhance the experience. Does anal sex hurt? A little green goes a long way. Also, before starting the film, they may also have applied tons of lube inside her anus to make it doable. A good position for anal sex is doggy style. Differences are meant to be celebrated. Others have reported reaching G-spot orgasm through pelvic muscle contractions during this kind of play.

How to get comfortable with anal sex

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    Make sure you are very well informed about what to do and what not to do.

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    Despite the fact that we've been experiencing a sexual revolution of sorts over the past couple of decades and feel more comfortable discussing acts that were previously taboo, the term "anal sex" is often still met with a cringe.

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