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How to make a girl happy in sex

If you know how to do it right, giving her oral sex is the fastest and easiest way to give her orgasms. A French kiss is not always the best kiss Yes, you read that right! And that she hates it when you fall asleep right after making love, before some basic afterplay like cuddling and kissing. Then, so lightly she can barely feel it, run your tongue over her clitoris. This is a big steaming heap of BS. But before, let's take a look at the other three key things that women want in bed:

How to make a girl happy in sex

For example, with oral sex most men just dive right in. Have sex outside of the bedroom. It doesn't take much time for a man to get sufficiently aroused. Then, once she's ready for your touch, don't go for the obvious spots right away - her hardened nipples and the wet spot between her legs; caress her entire body and notice how she responds to it. All of these parts of the body -- and the other ones -- can create sensual sensations. Don't just get stuck in two or three areas. All women are a bit different and you'll want to explore every inch of her and what makes her, in particular, melt. How would you feel if a woman got YOU close to an orgasm, then all of a sudden stopped, rolled over, and went to sleep? Use it on her while you fuck her. She wants a guy who can also set up situations where she can perform for HIM. When you experience either of these, sex stops being fun and pleasurable; instead, it becomes a dreadful and embarrassing event for both of you. Share Shares From interviewing beautiful women for the Sex God Method and from talking with female friends informally, I know there are a few things which almost EVERY woman wishes men did more of in bed. That means you just might find yourself in a rut. Initiate it at different times of day. Wet doesn't necessarily mean that she is ready. What Women Want in Bed is Full-body Lovemaking Want to be perceived as a great lover by your partner and get her wanting you more? THEN give her the gratification. Similarly, you can also ask for things she doesn't like or the things she would like you to do instead. You can slowly fondle her ears, neck, arms, legs, back, chest as well as her feet. Every time you get an orgasm, you should give an orgasm. So if you experience either of these issues, don't wait. Take it slow and easy So you decide to slow down and indulge in some foreplay before the actual act. It is not just about crashing your lips against hers or pushing your tongue down her throat. How about some caressing? The best way to make her feel special and to incite a fast sensual response is by caressing her and asking her if she likes it. This is a big steaming heap of BS. She might even start entertaining the idea of looking somewhere else.

How to make a girl happy in sex

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