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I let my son have sex with me

He was 17 and looking to me for support, and because I had taught him that it was OK to speak about sex, he felt safe talking to me about his performance worries. Like me, my sons expressed a certain natural joie de vivre when it came to their sexuality, and it was no shock when my eldest son, then 16, began a physically intimate relationship with his long-term girlfriend. I should have seen this as a SIGN, people. Tweet Pin I was a horny kid. They will often sit in front of the tv and make out with each other.

I let my son have sex with me

Your kids are still going to have sex at some point in their lives, and studies show that abstinence-only education is the least effective form of curbing teen sexual behavior. Thank you and God bless. Do I pull over on the side of the road and call Hubby to take over? I stand by my honesty and I hope, that in doing so, I've set the stage for him to want to come back to ask questions, to get good, solid answers from his father and I. Oral sex is another way to do that, but the focus needs to be on the clitoris for her to climax. They have been having sex almost every night for about 4 years now. Can you explain that to me? Christine Burke is a blogger and freelance writer. He wondered what would happen if he received salacious texts, who he should tell, why kids would do such a thing. I've been told I crossed a line by explaining the specifics of a sex act to my child. And, I kept a straight face I reminded him of the need to have safe sex and also, to talk to his girlfriend about what she liked specifically. I'm a realist and I knew that someday they would become interested in sex. From the time I was 5, I had no qualms about sticking my fingers up my lady parts because it felt good. A dildo is just a fake penis, where as a vibrator, which some dildos have, is meant for stimulating the clitoris. As in, they don't even have the word "teen" in their ages yet, bitchachos. After several rough dealings with Pastors and men of God, with little or no results, we tried different health experts and hospitals. It tells me that something is wrong. The least I could do was be honest right back. The evening started out innocently enough. In our family, sex is treated as normally as eating and sleeping. Tweet Pin I was a horny kid. Buying your daughter a vibrator: Mostly, my friends have cry laughed at the image of me driving down the street being asked about knob polishing. And, in that moment, he trusted me with his thoughts and was open and honest with me. While other kids are out there, yes, parents, your kids getting into a possibly dangerous situation, my kids are at home, having sex where it's safe. Most importantly, I wanted a different outcome for my children than what I had, and so I had to be willing to try something different. They didn't grow up with the idea that their bodies are 'dirty' or 'bad' or that being naked is 'wrong'.

I let my son have sex with me

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