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Injuries rough sex

These two techniques differed in their likeliness to cause bruising, however. Our data illuminate the pitfalls of various positions and the frequency with which these awkward injuries occur. Although genital injuries were the most common source of pain overall, some positions produced other kinds of pain quite regularly. Penile fractures are not actually fractures so much as tears in the tissue of the penis, Herbenick says. We didn't seek medical attention, [but] later I read that penile fractures can be really serious," she says, wondering in retrospect if they should have taken him to the hospital. Email Love is a battlefield -- complete with head wounds, broken bones, and the occasional penile fracture. Just credit us for our work by providing a link to this page:

Injuries rough sex

Doggy style accounted for 19 percent of bruising reports, whereas missionary produced just 8 percent of them. Skipping attribution puts us in a tough position, and our feelings will get hurt. Gabe Wilson, associate medical director of St. When we talk about safe sex, we usually mean using protection with a respectful partner. As such, this content is purely exploratory, and future research should approach this topic in a more rigorous way. Also, "keep pets out of the room," she say, citing a recent study she conducted on the subject. Passion can quickly turn painful when accidents occur during sex. They occur when the erect penis is bent forcefully; there may be a popping or cracking sound. One position was most threatening for penises: Aching From Lovemaking Digging deeper into the symptoms of sex-related accidents, a handful of positions generated multiple kinds of pain. Forty-eight percent of participants were European 55 percent men and 45 percent women , while 52 percent were American 55 percent of men and 45 percent women. No statistical testing was performed, so the claims listed above are based on means alone. More than 6 in 10 people have sustained an injury during lovemaking — a finding that certainly justifies our concern about the subject. Although soreness of the genitalia was apparently a greater risk for women, 18 percent of male injuries entailed penis injuries. Penile fractures, like the one Smolinski's boyfriend may have sustained, are notorious copulation catastrophes, and ones that can cause permanent damage. Women also reported back injuries with some frequency but cited leg discomfort more often. Julieanne Smolinski, 26, a New Yorker and blogger for Lemondrop. We didn't seek medical attention, [but] later I read that penile fractures can be really serious," she says, wondering in retrospect if they should have taken him to the hospital. We wanted to shed some light on this little-discussed subject and learn what causes these romantic ailments most often. Of those feeling back pain, for example, 20 percent had been in the missionary position, and another 20 percent had been performing doggy style. These issues include but are not limited to: While most sex-related injuries don't require a trip to the doctor, getting hurt in the heat of passion is a pretty common -- but seldom discussed -- problem, sex experts say. In fact, experts claim sex-related injuries are on the rise, but many patients are too embarrassed to admit the source of their suffering. Most of the safety tips are just common sense, says Dr. Methodology We collected 1, responses from participants, 1, who have suffered a physical sex injury in the past. Intercourse Ailments Of all the body parts that might be injured during intercourse, our most vulnerable are also our most private. For men, the missionary position was the most common way injuries occurred.

Injuries rough sex

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    Thankfully, many such issues heal relatively quickly. Women, conversely, were more inclined to say nothing at all about how their injuries occurred, with about 18 percent choosing this route.

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    And perhaps surprisingly, the most dangerous spots for sex were also the most ordinary:

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    In the cowgirl position, for instance, 29 percent of injured women said their legs were hurt — surpassing even vaginal injuries.

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    How Getting Frisky Gets Risky Regarding causes of these sex-related injuries, rough sex surpassed any other reason for both men and women. For women, the rate of genital injury was even higher, with more than half of their injuries entailing harm to their vagina.

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