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Iran sexuality laws

Please see the article below for more information about male and female same-sex activity in Iran. Women face up to seven years in prison. While victimization does occur at various levels of family, society and the state, ethnographic studies such as the one done by Afsaneh Najmabadi in Professing Selves: The case of Iran is particularly fraught, and has received plenty of coverage due to the work of international non-profits. WorldViews Analysis Analysis Interpretation of the news based on evidence, including data, as well as anticipating how events might unfold based on past events Here are the 10 countries where homosexuality may be punished by death In the wake of America's deadliest mass shooting ever — at a gay nightclub in Orlando on Sunday — we have updated our map of LGBT rights around the world. Hover over the countries below to see which category each falls into.

Iran sexuality laws

The Internet and social media provide forums for positive information about LGBT identities, images and rights. Individuals are often able to receive a permit that attests to their trans status, on the assumption that they are following up with state-designated hormone therapy and subsequent surgeries. This development could have immense consequences for gender and sexual minorities in countries such as Iran. Here are the 10 countries where homosexuality may be punishable by death: Your sentence is set, and the court has no room for discretion. The same article also speaks of a "pubescent" wife. According to the underlying logic, such men behave like women, making them all the more unnatural. All sex outside of marriage is illegal. Women may be flogged. In others that we haven't included, non-state actors who control swaths of land either summarily execute or sentence homosexuals to death. In Persian and Arabic, the term has a significantly more negative, derogatory meaning than the English reference to "Sodom and Gomorrah", for example. The Iranian criminal threatens gay individuals with lashes and the death penalty. A rights-based discourse, however, cannot fully capture the subjectivity and agency of sexual and gender minorities and will only center the authority, expertise and knowledge of the West-based subject that often imagines itself as universal. Three-time offenders under the sodomy law can be put to death; first and second convictions result in flogging and imprisonment. These abuses are often not reported to authorities due to the threat of additional violence from officials themselves. Since the law recognizes transsexuality, those desiring access to hormones or various surgeries and medical procedures can get it. In accordance with sharia law, homosexual intercourse between men can be punished by death, and men can be flogged for lesser acts such as kissing. The Afghan Penal Code does not refer to homosexual acts, but Article of the Constitution allows recourse to be made to sharia law, which prohibits same-sex sexual activity in general. In Iran, there are different criminal categories which are divided into eight levels of severity of punishment. According to Islamic law, marriage to a girl who is not sexually mature pre-pubescent is permitted, as long as their guardian and a religious judge agrees qadi or Kadi. Presenting a narrative that refracts the lives of gender and sexual minorities through a legal or human rights lens can only conceive of those individuals as suffering victims. Federal law classifies homosexual behavior as a felony punishable by imprisonment, but several states have adopted sharia law and imposed a death penalty for men. At the same time, the Internet in Iran has limitations, as the Iranian government blocks websites that it deems politically, religiously or morally dangerous. At the same time, the injustice faced by gender and sexual minorities has been questioned and challenged by Muslims themselves. Explanation from the IGFM: Women receive a sentence of lashes in all cases. In ta'zir penalties, the judge has a margin for such discretion.

Iran sexuality laws

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    Hover over the countries below to see which category each falls into.

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    This framework often does not allow the target populations of NGOs to tell their own stories, which may or may not correspond to the overarching universal discourse of human rights.

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    The increasing visibility of LGBT identities, movements and discourses has led to a proliferation of international human rights organizations that have become attuned to documenting and addressing violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity across the world. Women face up to seven years in prison.

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    As Iranian law and bureaucratic rules recognize only a strict male-female binary, trans people are able to change their gender designation from one to the other on various identity documents, including birth certificates.

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    A rights-based discourse, however, cannot fully capture the subjectivity and agency of sexual and gender minorities and will only center the authority, expertise and knowledge of the West-based subject that often imagines itself as universal.

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