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The mere introduction of such social psychological variables may affect the predictive value of general video game exposure. Interestingly, participants with a higher socioeconomic level endorsed less sexism. Sex Roles 68 — The correlation between video game exposure and sexism was, respectively, 0. Ambivalent sexism and religion: A longitidinal study on the relationship between video game use and sexist attitudes.

K pek sex videolari

Our results suggest that a traditional source of influence religiosity as well as new digital media may share some similar features on sexism. Self-reported youth delinquency in Europe and beyond: Harvard University Press; Conclusion We showed for the first time in a large representative sample that video game exposure was related to sexism, controlling for television exposure, religiosity, and other relevant factors. Making Sense of Nintendo. Social cognitive theory of mass communication. The whole co-authors contributed to the final draft. For example, it has been shown that sexism is related to gender inequality Glick et al. The joy of sexism? Religion and the Individual. Advances in Theory and Research eds Bryant J. Sex Roles 75 — Sex Roles 62 — The effects of the media on body image: It should also be mentioned that the use of a single-item scale to assess sexism was less than optimal. Gender stereotypes in Spanish television commercials. Of course, the usual critiques aimed at cross-sectional surveys fully apply here, particularly the limitations in terms of assessing causality. The ambivalent sexism inventory: This latest result is consistent with studies showing that television impact on sexism is not homogeneous among social subgroups Saito, ; Abdulrahim et al. A longitidinal study on the relationship between video game use and sexist attitudes. Sex Roles 68 — In France, school is compulsory until the age of The portrayal of men and women in television advertisements: In order to address causality issue, future experimental studies could be based on the same protocol as Polman et al. We also observed that general television exposure was unrelated to sexism after each of the variables were controlled.

K pek sex videolari

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