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MOMS = Multiple Orgasm Machines not a Sybian but better,

Make your sex own sybian

In the kit, you get a small and medium insertable attachment together with a flat top one and a slip on phallic cover. It's a cheeky way of showing that you should always go for more, so why stop at ten. Once installed you can connect to the Motorbunny and control it through your App. The higher the RPM the more noise it makes. When you are happy then give them the controls and let them dictate the tempo of your play.

Make your sex own sybian

You simply unplug the normal controller and swap it for the Link Controller. Apart from anything, it feels more than a little bit exposed, especially when your boyfriend is sitting in front of you giving a running commentary: Riders report that after a few rolling orgasms on the Sybian, intercousrse becomes profoundly more pleasurable and intense. This, as you have probably guessed, is the vibrator function of this machine. Once installed you can connect to the Motorbunny and control it through your App. The average vibrator has one motor and vibrations can increase in intensity through higher RPM, basically up or down, fast or slow. Once I discovered how well that position works, I never went back to mounting my Sybian. Silicone attachments are also available and I would recommend getting these. You can even design your own patterns for teasing the rider and can reverse the rotation of the insert. The Motorbunny comes with a one year warranty and a day satisfaction guarantee. The Sybian does not cause desensitization. I am using a Diaphragm or IUD. But it all felt a bit, well, lacklustre. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for anyone in a long distance relationship. Now it's time to let the fun begin. It has a more powerful motor inside which is how it can improve on this performance statistic. The basic attachments bear an uncanny resemblance to the Sybian ones. How do you clean the machine? Sybian really listened to me when I told them that many of us in our later years prefer -- even require -- a slender toy for penetration. To date no allergic reactions have been reported. Shall I turn it up a bit? You will get the direct stimulation from the Sybian through your Clitoris and your partner will have his balls resting on the Sybian and your whole pussy will be vibrating. And sitting in that position on the vibrations, once I got the hang of it, felt incredible. I find that by not stopping but by lowering the power slightly I can roll into another orgasm and then another until I can take it no more and literally collapse onto the floor. Make sure that you fit the correct rod or spring to an insertable attachment. For your first orgasm use the controls yourself as this will give you much more control as you learn how to ride it properly. It really comes into its own in BDSM play sessions where is it easy to secure the rider to the machine.

Make your sex own sybian

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    I like to edge myself, taking myself to the brink of an orgasm and then denying it by slowing down again.

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    And as far as leaving the ladies total expended is concerned, that doesn't seem to happen. Living with me comes with its perks, like unlimited Twizzlers because I hoard hundreds of them in cupboards around the apartment, as well as its oddities, like sex toys arriving at the door with nary a warning.

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    Print Getting the most bang for your buck with a Sybian The Sybian is a legend in its own right, for 30 years it has been providing hard orgasms to women all around the world. The Sybian creates powerful rolling waves and as the waves intensify they move closer together but do not grow shorter, they stay the same height and maintain their power creating a deep bass rumbling sound and full deep pelvic sensation.

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    Sybian Machine, Flat top attachment, Instruction manual, Container of water-based lubricant yours to keep. The higher the RPM the more noise it makes.

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    I like the feeling of the insert moving around inside me rubbing against my G-spot. If you let someone else control it then make sure that they go slow and tease you to a knee-trembling orgasm.

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