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Mini stallion sex machine

The ARS version has an entire setup liner, filter, collection bottle available which includes a disposable liner to prevent contamination of the sample and contamination between stallions. Gently touch the ventral penis and feel the urethra for the ejaculatory pulses. Make sure the restraint is adequate for both mare and stallion. Adjust the pressure to stallion's preference just before you are ready to collect him. Semen analysis Stallion specifics The sperm cells may make large circles due to normal abaxial midpiece, but this is normal for stallion semen.

Mini stallion sex machine

An ovariectomized OVX mare given 2 mg ECP days in advance is ideal, in that the temperament for the mare OVXd can be selected, and you 'always' have a mare in 'heat'. The accessory sex glands are better evaluated using ultrasonography than by palpation alone. Pharmacologic This can also be used for stallions that have difficulty mounting. The semen collection Click the movie icon to see a video of semen collection in the stallion. All the handlers should be on left side and everyone is advised to pull to the left if there is a problem. The collection 'bottle' is a rubber cone, which can be contaminated easily. A disadvantage is that it contains a large amount of water and is fairly heavy. Motility - immediately examine raw and extended samples. Protect the semen from light and cold shock and then begin to analyze it as soon as possible. Stallion preparation Tease the stallion to erection. Let the stallion thrust and guide or allow the stallion to insert his penis into the AV. Or they can lower it so she can lay on her back in the swing, she said that she likes the standing up, and bent over position. The advantage of this system is that it holds a large volume and will retain its heat very well in cold climates. Each model has advantages and disadvantages. Adjust the pressure to stallion's preference just before you are ready to collect him. Genital exam A genital exam is best done after semen collection, because the stallion will be much calmer. There is also a rubber ring in the end of the AV that is designed for the stallion to push his penis against and supposedly feel more natural. These induced ejaculation protocols based on imipramine and xylazine have always worked best with with a quiet stallion that tolerates injections well. Missouri The Missouri AV contains the water between two soft liners, instead of a hard shell. It is most useful in situations when you want to examine the ejaculate to determine where a particular problem originates. You can estimate the DSO by taking The DSO estimates the number of cells the testicular parenchyma can produce daily. Studies have shown that even non-spermicidal lubricants can have detrimental effects on sperm due to changes in osmolarity. Testicular parenchyma can be examined, testicular trauma evaluated and tumors identified. Each artificial vagina is designed to produce the correct pressure and temperature to make a stallion ejaculate.

Mini stallion sex machine

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    The disposable liner also facilitates clean up. It forms a water jacket using a hard shell and a rubber liner.

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    If an in-line filter was not used during collection, remove the gel with sticks or by pouring through a filter or some gauze. Make sample consisting of a raw neat sample and samples extended 1:

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    We had trouble getting injectable preparations that didn't result in some worrisome hemolysis.

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