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Nurses as sex objects

In the popular movie Meet the Parents, for example, lead character Greg Focker is an often-mocked male nurse, which served as comedic fodder throughout the film. Mail Nurses For generations, nursing has been the subject of art, from paintings to postcards. In film, television, and literature, nurses are depicted similarly. From providing round-the-clock assessment and bedside care to administering medicines, wound care, diagnostics and counseling, nurses are indispensable clinicians. For example, the non-fiction novel "Open Heart" by Jay Neugeboren was rated three and a half out of four for artistic value and only given a half a star for nursing accuracy by The Center for Nursing Advocacy. The Real Story Nurses are highly educated professionals who function autonomously and in collaboration with physicians and other health-care professionals.

Nurses as sex objects

And that portrayal, more often than not, leaves a lot to be desired. Traveling Nurses Pop Culture and its Effect on the Image of Nursing Pop culture is the contemporary lifestyle, defined by the cultural patterns that are widespread within a population, well known, and generally accepted. Nurse Ratched's character had no redeeming qualities. Nursing Advocacy The Image of Nurses in the Present Day Presently, nurses are still typically thought of as being, primarily Caucasian women who are pretty. Smithsonian Magazine 6 of 23 MedHunters Several facets of pop culture, especially the media, also demonstrate the ethical principles involved in nursing, as a healthcare profession. TV Review Pop culture has also played a major role in demeaning the profession of nursing. Although angels are thought of as pure, Godly beings, that is also how they were created and did not have to work to become so caring and compassionate. The professor, from UCD's school of nursing, midwifery and health systems, is urging nurses to take to YouTube and upload videos that promote the profession positively. A study titled "Celluloid angels: It was so popular, the theme turned into a movie franchise. But in this award-winning comedy, Nurse Jackie was a controversial, often villainous character who was addicted to painkillers and had questionable ethics. According to The Center for Nursing Advocacy sometimes the artistic value of books can be much higher than the realistic view of the nursing profession. In , Ben Stiller played a good-hearted but hapless bumbling and stumbling male nurse in Meet the Parents. They are the handmaidens and helpmates to the physicians who rule the day—a skewed portrait of the nursing profession to say the least. Results were published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing. However, in some areas of nursing, men are present in much higher numbers. NurseWeek magazine can often serve as a good source. Novels, newspapers, and magazines are not always the best source of information about the nursing profession, but there are still many good sources for nursing in those media forms. And this is where science meets the arts. MedHunters The Influence of Different Forms of Media on the Image of Nursing Media has influenced and shaped the common image of nursing today—an image which is not always accurate. Its founders Sandy and Harry Summers wrote a book on the subject: An audience can make such judgments from movies, sitcoms, commercials, and paintings viewed. Nurses portrayed as either sexy or stupid in majority of popular YouTube clips, says study Independent. As far back as , the show "The Nurses" defined the life of two nurses and the ethical and moral dilemmas that defined their everyday job description. Modified September 17,

Nurses as sex objects

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    Although, as stated above, pop culture is defined by its constant alterations, nurses have been shown in a positive light throughout the years.

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    Newer TV medical dramas cast nurses in the forefront of the story, but still carried similar negative connotations that include heavy personal baggage and tawdry affairs—trauma and drama!

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    More than billion postcards were mailed worldwide during the golden age of the postcard from to , and many featured nurses during times of war and disease. The healing mother, shown in the saintly position of feeding the poor and unfortunate.

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    Nurses are generally seen as trustworthy, capable and conscientious caregivers, who are critical to the health care system. As MedHunters describes, mainstream culture has also provided sexist labels for the profession of a nurse.

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    MedHunters Several facets of pop culture, especially the media, also demonstrate the ethical principles involved in nursing, as a healthcare profession.

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