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The important point to remember about medical texts and literature generally throughout this period is that they were exclusively written, taught and promulgated by men, for men - "free" men that is! Role of the female orgasm[ edit ] One-sex theory[ edit ] The idea of a woman having to have an orgasm in order to conceive was prevalent in the one-sex model. The male heats up to a point at which blood is transformed into semen seed , we would view this as orgasmic ejaculation. In the one-sex story, woman is an imperfect version of man, and her anatomy and physiology are construed accordingly: This is a powerful story, written with verve and a keen sense of telling detail be it technically rigorous or scabrously fanciful. For him, this was seen as perfectly normal and that "there is no ontological sex, only organs assigned legal and social status". This is because "the more Renaissance anatomists dissected, looked into and visually represented the female body, the more powerfully and convincingly they saw it to be a version of the males" [18] Physiologically, the one-sex model explains that "in the blood, semen, milk and other fluids of the one-sex body, there is no female and no sharp boundary between the sexes". Laqueur uses examples from ancient thinkers to help support his claim to the dominance of the one-sex model prior to the eighteenth century.

One sex model

Sexual codes of conduct did not direct in terms of prohibitions concerning specific sexual practices or preferences, but focused upon relations which obliged them to exercise power and authority in terms of their social position. This is a powerful story, written with verve and a keen sense of telling detail be it technically rigorous or scabrously fanciful. A chorus of scholars Katherine Park, Robert Nye, Michael Stolberg, and Donald Beecher, among others have argued strongly against it, however, pointing out that already by the Aristotelian-Galenic one-sex model had been completely debunked and abandoned not only by European thinkers but, more importantly, by the medical profession itself. What was at stake in terms of sexuality flesh was not so much the styles of pleasures indulged in, or even the type of bodies involved, but rather their relationship to each other within the "great chain of being". For Galen "the eyes of the mole have the same structures as the eyes of other animals except that they will not allow the mole to see. In the two-sex model, since there are physical differences between men and women, there must be differences in how they receive pleasure. Sex and sexuality in the pre-modern European context were conceptualised in a radically different manner to that which emerged with the transition to modernity, the shadow under which we still live today. From this perspective male and female genitals are not essentially different in kind but merely located in different places, one inside and one outside, each possessing identical elements. The Pre-Modern European Concepts of Sexual Difference Throughout the modern period, "sex" and sexuality have become intrinsically connected to modern conceptions concerning the biological differences between female and male bodies. Body and Gender from the Greeks to Freud , Thomas Laqueur highlights this theory and suggests that it was the fundamental operative model for understanding sex and sexuality not only in the Renaissance but even as far as the eighteenth century. It seems impossible to discuss sexuality without simultaneously invoking the biological distinction between female and male. The vagina an interior penis, labia as foreskin, uterus as scrotum, ovaries as testicles. In this "one-sex" model the male body is taken as the most perfect in form and beauty, whist the female a cooler and thus less perfect version of the male. Humans were seen as the most perfect and thus hottest, while the male human was viewed as more perfect than the female due to their excess of heat. Biologists at this time had very little knowledge of what actually governed the production of an egg. This was a world in which males and females had all the same bits, they were simply arranged differently along a vertical axis of perfection. Making Sex will stimulate thought, whether argument or surprised agreement, in a wide range of readers. The Classical and Early Modern Evidence. The amount of "vital heat" produced by a specific body was viewed as a direct index of its place in the "great chain of being", a hierarchical order of rank according to degrees of perfection. Until the late 17th century it is often impossible to determine from medical texts which part of the female anatomy a particular term refers. The body was also seen as composed of four humours: Freud tries to provide evidence for a vaginal orgasm and he makes it so a clitoral orgasm is seen to be adolescence. For Galen, sexual pleasure, excitement and climatic orgasm for both female and male were essential and necessary to generate enough heat to concoct and fuse the two seeds into matter and thus new life. The body shifted easily in the eighteenth century from its supposedly foundational role to become not the cause but the sign of gender. The book is divided into three sections. Role of science[ edit ] The one-sex theory[ edit ] Renaissance anatomical illustrations depicted a woman as a man turned inside out. A matter of degree rather than the modern incommensurable biological difference separated female and male.

One sex model

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