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Oral sex with tongue ring

Stick with things like soup, yogurt, mac and cheese, protein shakes, pudding, popsicles, and other soft foods, and avoid hard foods like sandwiches with crusty bread. Alternatively, you can make a homemade sea salt solution to swish around your mouth morning, night, and after meals. If you do have to get your tongue ring changed, opt for a soft BioPlast tongue ring or an acrylic tongue ring that's less likely to damage your teeth if you accidentally chomp down on it. As long as you practice proper tongue piercing aftercare and are careful about the foods you eat to minimize irritations, your tongue piercing should heal within the typical tongue piercing healing time of weeks. The placement is typically on either side of where a traditional tongue piercing would be placed, with one barbell put through the left-center of the tongue and another placed next to it on the right-center of the tongue. Tongue piercing prices vary by location. Increase the number of 5-minute sea salt mouthwash swishes you do to 3 a day in addition to rinsing every time you eat, and consider adding at least one thorough rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash to your daily tongue piercing care routine. If you still have questions about your new tongue piercing and how best to care for it or have a tongue piercing problem and need help, visit our forum! Another thing tongue rings are good for is prepping for tongue splitting.

Oral sex with tongue ring

Also, make sure that you are going to commit to keeping your piercing clean and well taken care of, in order to avoid any problems or possible infections. If you normally use an alcohol-based mouthwash like Listerine, switch to a gentle, breath-freshening, non-alcoholic alternative like Recovery Oral Piercing Aftercare during the tongue piercing healing process. When used for oral sex , the small metal ball or tongue ring that is on the tip of the ring will add pressure, tease, and bring a new sensation to the experience for your lover. Even though both are well-known cities, piercings may cost more in a place like Los Angeles, CA, than they would in somewhere like Orlando, FL. I am bi, so for the guys, trying to balance the end of the barbell on the bottom lip and rolling the ball up and down his length, using your tongue as a base while sucking, or just teasing his tip with it, is a major gain. Alternatively, sometimes a captive bead ring is worn in this type of tongue piercing, as shown below. You may want to get a new tongue ring that's a little shorter than your starter one, since starter tongue barbells tend to be extra long to allow room for swelling and may be uncomfortable to wear long-term. You should not need to remove your tongue ring as long as you continue proper tongue piercing care while taking the antibiotic; in fact, it's best not to remove your jewelry to avoid developing an abscess. You should do the same if you cave and smoke a real cigarette or cigar at any point during the tongue piercing healing process. Tongue piercing is one of the most popular trends in the western world, as the tongue is one of the top five favorite piercing spot. Sometimes venom piercings are placed slightly further forward on the tongue. If one person doesn't know how to do a good oral, then the piercing won't make a difference. No matter what you eat, eat carefully, taking small bites and chewing slowly so as not to irritate your new tongue piercing. The tongue is one of the most versatile organs from the body. It may be tempting to French kiss your love, engage in oral sex, or just share a meal or a drink with a friend while your tongue piercing is healing. Stick with things like soup, yogurt, mac and cheese, protein shakes, pudding, popsicles, and other soft foods, and avoid hard foods like sandwiches with crusty bread. But on the other way around, there are a couple tricks you could do to enhance the sensation for your partner. Where can I get my tongue pierced? So, yes, it's safe to say that piercings can help enhance your sexual pleasure in one specific manner. Try to leave your piercing alone as much as possible. Talk less, and don't play with your jewelry! If you use an e-cigarette, make sure you suck gently during the first 2 weeks of the healing process. It's best to avoid smoking altogether during the tongue piercing healing process, but if you can't give it up entirely, consider trying an e-cigarette to at least replace irritating smoke with water-based vapor. If you don't see any improvements after a few days or your infection seems to get worse at any point, schedule an appointment with your family doctor or dentist right away. To make a homemade sea salt solution, buy sterile water or boil water for at least 5 minutes to sterilize it. You can avoid getting an infection and ensure that your tongue piercing heals fully and lasts for as many years as you want to keep it by following these simple tongue piercing care instructions:

Oral sex with tongue ring

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    In addition to eating soft foods, you should avoid spicy, acidic and hot-temperature foods and beverages during the early stages of the tongue piercing healing process. Your mouth is filled with bacteria that could get into the open wound in your tongue called a fistula , take root, and develop into a bacterial infection.

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