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Dacus to Board of Edu:"Parents MUST be involved in Sex Ed"

Parental involvement with teen sex

Understanding Peer Influence in Children and Adolescents. Parents described similar content of conversations at both time points. The first content theme addresses how parents and teens Talk about dating and relationships. National estimates of adolescent romantic relationships. This is particularly relevant for Black and Latino teens, who more often have non-parental family members involved in their upbringing [ 40 , 41 ]. Differences in reasons parents gave for talking with their teens about sex at Time 1 compared to Time 2 emerged.

Parental involvement with teen sex

Adolescent pregnancy, birth, and abortion rates across countries: Adolescent Romantic Relations and Sexual Behavior: Protective effects of middle school comprehensive sex education with family involvement. Declines in unintended pregnancy in the United States, — This study also reiterates the challenges of talking with teens about issues that often make both teens and their parents uncomfortable and highlights developmental shifts that may make parent-teen conversations easier or more difficult at different stages of adolescent development. At Time 1, delaying sex until finishing school or getting married were the two primary points of discussion. However, in order to talk effectively with teens about sex and relationships, parents need to talk with teens in ways that developmentally fit their age and experiences. The impact of mother-adolescent communication. Additionally, interactions of family sexuality communication and social class would help to understand variation across family contexts. Final data for Just get to know the person. However, the content of these conversations differed for Time 1 and Time 2. Mexican mother-adolescent sexuality communication. Parents at both time points talked about risks of sexually transmitted infections STIs. Parent communication and sexual risk among African Americans. In contrast to changing parental approaches to conversations with teens about dating and sex, communication about teen pregnancy, STIs, and protection methods showed little change in frequency or content over time. I think he gets more embarrassed. National estimates of adolescent romantic relationships. Communication about sexuality with mothers and stepmothers from the perspective of young adult daughters. You and your partner—wherever he is—are going to take care of it [your child] yourself. Mother-daughter communication about sex among urban African American and Latino families. For example, some parents described delaying talk with their teens about sex due to a belief that their child was not interested in dating. Dynamics and ecology of adolescent peer contagion. Understanding Peer Influence in Children and Adolescents. Barriers and prompts to parent-child sexual communication.

Parental involvement with teen sex

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    Teens also talk with peers about sex and relationships, although findings suggest that these conversations are not always health-promoting [ 42 , 43 ].

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    Grossman conceived of the paper, collected the data and wrote the majority of the paper. Parents at Time 2 shared similar responses.

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