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Peer influence and premarital sex behaviour

While the reasons for these findings are not entirely clear, it is likely that the findings represented the challenging sexual and reproductive health scenario that are confronting the current generation of young people in Nigeria: These findings are consistent with the injunctive norms perspective: Numerous studies have found that, in the United States, adolescent sexual activity is positively associated with indices measuring overall antisocial peer affiliation e. Where have theories taken us? Rather, a holistic packaging of communication focusing on abstinence, faithfulness between partners, and condom use is needed.

Peer influence and premarital sex behaviour

Field supervisors attempted insofar as it was practical to match interviewers and respondents on gender. Alexander, et al African, Health Sciences 5 2 , — In every case, the direction and statistical significance of effects obtained from the multinomial logistic regression model was confirmed by the results of the corresponding multinomial probit model. A high level of negative perception about condom had also been reported among Nigerian undergraduates, with almost half reporting that condom reduces sexual pleasure 8. World Health Organisation; Reproductive tract infections and abortions among adolescent girls in rural Nigeria. Adolescent reproductive health practices in Nigeria. American Journal of Public Health. Federal Ministry of Health, author. The fact that only For multinomial logistic regression models of Sexual Initiation between Waves, respondents who had not had sex at Wave 1 and did not initiate sex between Waves 1 and 2 served as the reference category. Our measure of Perceived Peer Norms Favoring Sex consisted of 13 items adapted from three existing instruments Kinsman et al. Research methods and statistical analysis: D in Health Education. Longitudinal influence of perceptions of peer and parental factors on African American adolescent risk involvement. What it means for Nigeria Background, projection, impact, interventions, and policy Abuja: This finding agreed with the observation recently made by Omoregie 8 in his study of sexual behaviour of tertiary institution students that abstinence is not a popular practice among Nigerian undergraduates. Last, we fit for each dependent variable a single model that included all four peer context variables plus the sociodemographic controls. All had earned at least an undergraduate degree and most had considerable interviewing experience on previous projects. Health and population innovation fellowship programme working paper, 9. On the basis of answers to these Wave 1 and Wave 2 questions, we derived a variable called Sexual Initiation between Waves. The religious affiliation declared by the respondents reflected the dominant religious pattern in south-eastern part of Nigeria, and is merely a socio-demographic characterization rather than an indication of religious practice, which was not specifically measured in this study. African Journal of Reproductive Health. Details are presented in Supplemental Table 2. There were somewhat more participants in the younger than in the older cohort, especially for girls. These sites were selected for the study in order to provide a contrast between high and low HIV prevalence settings.

Peer influence and premarital sex behaviour

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