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Salesian College Sunbury

Salesian college sunbury sex offences

Frank De Dood has been jailed for two years. Lie down and do as I tell you. In his sentencing, Judge Wood said Aulsebrook, who was ordained as a priest in , had admitted another complaint of sexual abuse had been made against him in , but no criminal prosecution had occurred. Each victim described how Klep and the Salesians had adversely affected the victim's subsequent life. Former Rupertswood principal Frank Klep was in jailed for more than 10 years after pleading guilty to abusing 15 children while running the college's infirmary between and

Salesian college sunbury sex offences

The recent committal hearing, however, has provided more graphic accounts. Charlie told Broken Rites: I fell asleep and I remember waking up and feeling a bit groggy. In his sentencing, Judge Wood said Aulsebrook, who was ordained as a priest in , had admitted another complaint of sexual abuse had been made against him in , but no criminal prosecution had occurred. Advertisement In one alleged episode aired in court recently, boys sleeping in the school's infirmary had their drinks of Milo drugged before waking to hear the cries of a boy being abused. Fomer Rupertswood principal Frank Klep. It is alleged that from to , when Rupertswood was a Catholic boarding and day school, Salesian brothers, including two former school principals and a boarding master, routinely abused boys in their care. For some students, the strange behaviour of some of the brothers coexisted with happy school experiences. After the December hearing, Klep was released on bail, until he would be called to face a judge in the Victorian County Court in for sentence proceedings. Disgraced priest Julian Fox also taught at Rupertswood. He is recorded as taking part in many activities with the Adelaide boys, including one trip with boys in May to visit the Salesian houses in and around Melbourne. The group aims to foster and cultivate a continuing association with the College and to build on the networks and friendships developed over the years. The archbishop said he should have been told this earlier. At the retrial he was found guilty of multiple accounts of sexual abuse and was given a year prison sentence. Another former student of the same school has lodged an official complaint about having been sexually abused in by another teacher, Father Adrian Wenting, who eventually rose to be the head of this school. Klep's Salesian training in the s included teaching in a Catholic school in South Australia. This centre included some potentially vulnerable youngsters. The definition of an offence, such as "rape" or "buggery", always depends upon the definition that was used in Victoria's criminal laws in the particular year in which each offence was committed. Klep was in charge of the infirmary, where sick boys were kept. Ordained as a priest in , aged 29, Father Frank Klep worked as a teacher at "Rupertswood", where he was the "religion" co-ordinator. We had been taught by our Catholic parents to trust Priests above everyone else. But Dunklin found that Klep was helping during Mass at a Samoan church and at the nearby Salesian schools. The guilty plea meant that the evidence would not need to be argued in court. In her sentencing remarks, Judge Hogan emphasised that Klep had left his victims with profound and lasting psychological scars. They paint a picture of repeated assaults, both sexual and physical; of brothers habitually haunting dormitories and infirmaries for victims; and of beatings and acts of perversion that persisted for decades.

Salesian college sunbury sex offences

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    The school, which last year issued a public apology to the survivors of it's staff's sexual abuse, declined to comment on Monday. Michael Aulsebrook has been convicted of raping an year-old boy at a boarding school in Sunbury in

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    Two other alleged offenders have left the country. They would actually be peering over the door.

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    Klep preyed on many of the boys as they lay ill in the school's sick bay, which he operated. Advertisement It can now be revealed that before his rape trial he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a boy and a girl in separate incidents in the late s and s.

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    Before the jury began deliberating, Judge Chettle directed the jurors to put aside the fact the victim was raped by Rapson in deciding whether Aulsebrook did the same.

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    He told Karl to remove his pants and strapped Karl's bare bottom repeatedly.

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