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Sex among youth

Recent estimates indicate that the annual number of new infections in the country has been on a steady decline, decreasing from , in to , in and then slightly again to , in View PDF Download PDF Abstract In the recent past, discussing about sex among children and youths was frowned at by traditional norms and as such sexual discuss and behavior were approached with great respect. Again, there were no significant interactions. It is against this background that we conducted our study to explore the types of messages that media outlets consumed by young people are offering, and the implications these might have for sexual health and sexual health promotion. The same is true for reports by males of being drunk or high during recent sex.

Sex among youth

There are also no differences by year of enrollment. The only reference to disability and sexuality in both the magazine and television samples came in the form of a short news item. Few perpetrators face consequences. Out of million Nigerians, Although the more recently undertaken National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health is designed to include younger participants and to oversample minorities, it too has limitations in focusing on developmental patterns of sexual risk-taking among minority youth. The findings are arranged in two parts: There are three main possibilities. Majority of those who had been sexually exposed had used condom before Does this mean the same thing to a seventh grader as to a 10th grader? For example, those who reported sexual experience in fall of seventh grade at baseline were more than twice as likely as those who abstained through the end of middle school to have had four or more sex partners by 10th grade odds ratio, 2. This is associated with the fact that males were more likely to report early sexual initiation and to be lost to follow-up. At one of these schools, students were randomly assigned by classroom either to receive the curriculum only or to participate in the RFH service learning intervention. There was a cultural prohibition of premarital sexual experience; established moral code guided individual members on the social behaviours [ 5 ]. The survey provided information on premarital sexual intercourse and condom use among youths between the ages of 24 years in Nigeria. Our analyses take into account the potential bias that could be introduced because of their inclusion. Three additional measures were included in the 10th grade survey: The effect is changing cultural, value reorientation, internalization, adoption and practice of what they see and read on the internet and as such, sexual discuss which used to be frowned at among adolescents and youths is now a common practice; thus resulting to early sexual experience by majority of Nigerian youths. TV teen drama, magazine editorial, newspaper feature. Age is related to early sexual initiation and reports of recent sex among males but not among females not shown. Each school also had a high-risk profile i. Know that rape is not just physically forcing someone to have sex — it also can be psychological coercion. We located and resurveyed youth with the cooperation of the five district superintendents, of more than principals and of many local school administrators throughout the city. Delaying sexual onset appears to reduce the risk of involvement in a pregnancy, even if only from early seventh grade odds ratio, 2. Items were submitted for cognitive testing prior to use and were pilot-tested extensively. Though Nigeria traditional religion abhors premarital sex, the advent of Christianity strengthened the restrictive attitude.

Sex among youth

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    Retrospective reports of early sexual debut have been correlated with a greater number of sexual partners, lower levels of condom use, a greater chance of unintended pregnancy and a higher risk of self-reported STDs, as well as with other risk behaviors, including weapon-carrying and drug use. Discussion In the context of current sexual health policy, the potential role of the media in the development of young people's sexual attitudes and behaviour must be considered.

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    At each of four assessment points seventh grade fall, seventh grade spring, eighth grade spring and 10th grade spring , participants provided information on a range of health-related issues associated with the major causes of disproportionate morbidity and mortality among young minorities: Makinwa in his study on sexual behavior and use of condom among youths noted increasing level of youth risky sexual interactions with high-risk groups in urban areas [ 17 ].

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    At the same time, magazines aimed at a female audience encouraged readers only to go as far as they felt comfortable and also emphasized that good men would be respectful of this.

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