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Women's Sexual Fantasies - A COUGAR'S POV On What Women Fantasize About In The Bedroom?

Sex as a woman pov

The media claims that nearly one-third of service women have experienced sexual abuse. The number of prosecutions for sexual assault are also on the rise. Sexual Abuse by Fellow G. Sexual assault is a problem the military is working hard to correct, and the military is 5 years in it its current prevention program. There are women who are in charge of logistics operations for the thousands of miles of terrain in Iraq and Afghanistan as Expeditionary Sustainment Commanders. We are not just victims, bitches, sluts or dykes.

Sex as a woman pov

I am simply arguing that the media focus on sexual assault makes it seem like a bigger problem than it actually is, and unfairly stereotypes women in the military as victims. Sexual Abuse by Fellow G. We are a critical part of the team. This percentage is certainly higher than anyone should find acceptable, but those who suffer abuse are still in the minority. I am speaking only for myself. These decorated women include women like 1st Lieutenant Tamara DaSilva, who successfully led her fuel platoon during an 9 hour ambush in Afghanistan , or Captain Christina Lewis, who commanded a Forward Support Company in Mosul and did not lose a single soldier, despite the violence that still hung on in Ninewah Province. These women and thousands of other women serve with distinction and honor and pride. Share your thoughts, raise a question and join the conversation by leaving comments on the posts. What do you think about women in the military? Stories that focus on rape and sexual assault perpetuate the myths that women are unable to serve their nation with the same pride and distinction as our male counterparts. The WIP article includes a quote from a former sergeant, who states that because "women are categorically denied infantry service," they are therefore "second class citizens ripe for abuse" and that the "greatest danger that military women in Iraq and Afghanistan face is from their male peers and officers. We are encouraging victims to seek help and, if they choose, report the crime. I joined like many young women today: Every article that focuses on negative aspects of women in and around the military, focuses on gender, sexuality and sexual behaviors. Conversations Our second group of writers will be blogging about Women and War. After nearly 15 years in the Army, I have never been a victim of sexual harassment or assault, yet the media is reporting that female soldiers are nothing more than marginalized second class citizens in a military that would rather screw us than promote us. I am not dismissing sexual assault as a trivial problem, nor am I minimizing the impact that sexual assault has on victims The numbers do not lie: In the Army I serve, women and men are treated based on their performance and how they carry themselves. When the media makes it sound like every female soldier is a victim, a slut, a bitch, a dyke, or some other negative stereotype, it negates the positive impact that female soldiers are having within our military. She told me that everyone there was going to be knocking on my door and they were not there to just be friendly. But I do believe that my attitude, my confidence, and my knowledge that I am not a victim has set the tone for me throughout my military career. We are soldiers and spouses and sisters and mothers and wives and daughters. I am grateful for all the opportunity the Army has given me, but please understand, I am not speaking for the Army, nor am I speaking for any other woman who has served. Female company commanders lead convoys on military police missions and resupply Warfighers in Forward Support Companies. The Defense Department Advisory Committee on Women in the Services report on women in the military states that dealing with stereotypes in their military careers is a bigger problem for female soldiers than dealing with actual sexual assault or harassment.

Sex as a woman pov

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