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Sex in sweatpants

The sweatpants, whatever they are, should be taken very seriously. In my opinion, there are many men and women in relationships who get a little too complacent in their daily appearance, and perhaps because of busy schedules end up putting how they dress at the bottom of their list of priorities. Those scenarios are what lead to divorce, not sweatpants. Familiarity is one of the great things about being in a long-term relationship, the possibility to be so comfortable around another person that you can just be yourself. It can be one piece of a bigger picture — a picture that includes not shaving, not wearing makeup, not brushing your teeth, always wearing period panties, not caring about your body shape or health, not showering and not putting in the effort to turn on or at least not turn off your partner.

Sex in sweatpants

Familiarity is one of the great things about being in a long-term relationship, the possibility to be so comfortable around another person that you can just be yourself. Gosling also piped up to defend his partner, tweeting that it was a joke and that he was wearing sweatpants while typing. Yes, people say relationships take work. Clearly, they are an item of clothing meant for comfort and not for the purpose of looking sexy or attractive. But we already knew these two had a strong bond, because Mendes truly understands that sometimes you have to put a little bit of work into keep the spark alive, even if that means keeping your pants on for a little bit longer than you would like. Yesterday, Extra published an interview with professional attractive person and new mother Eva Mendes where she took umbrage toward people wearing the slouchiest of wardrobe staples: Familiarity is one of the great things about being in a long-term relationship, the possibility to be so comfortable around another person that you can just be yourself. It allows your walls to come down and for you to truly be seen, appreciated and loved for who you are. I'd be willing to bet a thousand dollars that this woman did not wear a similar outfit on her first date with her husband several years earlier. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. This woman was not ugly. We welcome outside contributions. So when I saw the clip from her infamous interview warning, "Ladies, the number one cause of divorce in America — sweatpants," I laughed. But repetitive days of no makeup, an old t-shirt, unwashed hair and yes, sweatpants, can lead to a lack of romance, sex, dates and possibly a romantic disconnect which can cause marital problems and divorce. Comfort is essential to a relationship because it shows you trust the other person and can be yourself around them. Sometimes simply a change of word choice can make for a complete attitude adjustment. Just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean he's suddenly blind and forgets how good it feels to have someone make an effort to make him feel sexy — yes, he also needs to feel sexy. My favorite days are when I come home from work and my boyfriend is sitting on the couch still in his suit and tie looking just like the handsome man who picked me up for our first date. The sweatpants are familiarity and the contempt that they breed. The guy looked handsome, shaven, and was wearing a button down and dark jeans. But you should at least make the effort to look decent, and even sexy on occasion. The problem is when your real self is sometimes a little bit less desirable than the ideal version of you that your partner saw in your first few months of courtship, when the emotion was high and those intoxicating love hormones in your brain were freely flowing. Because that woman in the office who flirts and puts an effort into her appearance makes your man feel interesting and smart. That can turn into not wanting to have sex, which can create resentment, insecurity, even cheating. The difference is when you share your life and your home with someone else. Don't find the time — make the time. Snuggle in, hold his hand, kiss his cheek.

Sex in sweatpants

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    Sweats can be very sexy! Then he comes home to you, and you're still in your ratty sweats, you haven't brushed your teeth, and you all but ignore him.

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