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How To Conceive A Boy 3 Positions Please: How to make a baby in bed

Sex positions for boys

Would you just love to add a little boy to your family? So go ahead, enjoy yourself, if you catch our drift hint, hint. That can be super fun as well. Here, the woman sits on her partner facing away from him, providing a unique angle of entry. This position allows for deep penetration, but with the added benefit of you being in control.

Sex positions for boys

Reverse Mantis Carlee Ranger In all positions, their pleasure threshold is partially dependent on, simply, what we may be most into. Male sperm cells which contain a Y chromosome, combine with the X chromosome in the woman's egg cell in order to produce a baby boy XY. Whatever positions you decide to try, consider lying down for at least 15 minutes afterward. Positions Please Dr Shettles believed deep penetration was important to give the boy sperm a head start. Male Sperm And Cycle Timing Because male sperm is the faster of the two, Shettles suggests having intercourse as close to ovulation as possible. What are the best sex positions to conceive baby? This position allows for deep penetration, and is touted by many as the optimum position in which to conceive a boy. While the scientific proof behind each best sex position for getting pregnant may be scant or, truth be told, nonexistent , physics is on your side, so why not give them a whirl? With less difference to travel, the boy sperm would be able to outswim the girl sperm, and find the egg. How To Conceive A Boy 3: Doggy Style The position most commonly mentioned during discussions of this nature, is doggy style. Another main difference that male and female sperm cells have is that male sperm cells are smaller, but swim faster compared to female sperm cells. It gives him a front row view of everything while also giving him access to her clitoris and breasts. Rear entry As the woman lies on her stomach, the man enters from behind her. Ready to start a family? This position, like doggie style, enables deep penetration and is also thought to give the faster male sperm an advantage seeing as sperm must swim against gravity to get to the egg. For more details on exactly when and how often to have sex to increase your chances of getting pregnant, see our sex ed for baby-making guide. Work Out Testosterone-boosting is not the stuff of myth. Different Strokes Different men will have different preferences, of course. Sex positions to conceive a boy 1. If your partner has a large penis, or you feel discomfort when trying the positions above, you may prefer to be on top as this will allow you to control the depth of penetration. Cowgirl Carlee Ranger We want depth of penetration but we also want the pleasure of anticipation. Side Lotus Carlee Ranger A deeper, more intense penetration can lead to greater pleasure. If you are not sure how to tell if you are ovulating or not, check out our article on signs of ovulation. While it may sound nice to have the option to choose your child's gender, the reality is that outside of a laboratory, there are no other known methods of being able to do so. The Theory There are two types of sperm, one carrying the X chromosome, and one carrying the Y chromosome. While not backed by science, it's worth a shot if you're hoping for a male.

Sex positions for boys

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    Work Out Testosterone-boosting is not the stuff of myth.

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    He mounts her in the reverse and lies flat on top of her with his head at her feet. It may not sound very romantic, but the closer to the cervix the sperm are ejaculated, the more likely they are to find the egg.

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    While it may sound nice to have the option to choose your child's gender, the reality is that outside of a laboratory, there are no other known methods of being able to do so. Dr Shettles, author of the best selling book, How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby , believed that the types of sperm had a number of inherent differences.

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