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Sex questions for guys

What turns you on almost instantly? If you are a magician, what part of my clothes that you would like to disappear? How would you react if the doctor told me that I have a deadly disease? Do you like to sleep naked or in your underwear? If we were together right now, what would you do to me? Which girl do you think would give the best BJ? What lingerie would you love to see a girl in? There are no rules so make sure you are comfortable and satisfied with the questions you choose to ask.

Sex questions for guys

What are your financial goals for the future? Do you think prettier with or without make up? Have you ever had a naughty dream about a close friend or family member? If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do, what movie star would you want to kiss, and who would you notify that you are dying. Do you want to get drunk at my place tonight? Have you ever had sex with one girl and then had sex with another on the same day? Do you rather follow your heart that does not think or your head that does think? Have you ever watched another couple get it on without them knowing? What have you learned from life that makes you who you are today? Do you want to watch 50 Shades of Grey with me? If I got pregnant, would you still stay with me? Have you ever taken up the services of a professional woman? How would you dominate your boss sexually if given the chance? What lingerie would you love to see a girl in? If you had only five minutes with me, what would you do? What is your favourite book? Have you succumbed to the seduction of an older woman ever? Would you like to try sex toys? If you had the opportunity, which of my friends would you have sex with? Do you still have feelings for an ex? Do you ever watch porn to make yourself climax? Would you sleep with another girl, if I was out of the country, and the opportunity presented itself? What would you change about me if you could? What has been your most intimate experience? You could do this in form of a game and dare him to answer all the questions. Were you ever caught playing with yourself? Have you ever dreamt about me?

Sex questions for guys

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