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Safe Sex, a Shrine, and Love Hotel Hill

Sex shrine in japan

It has a decent JR station and a quiet shopping street with s facades in slight need of renovation. This experience appeals to the curious but definitely takes time to mentally unwind from, as even world-wearied visitors will see things with the power to entertain, astonish, and disturb. It's about minutes of leisurely walk from Uwajima JR station. Access and admission fees There are direct trains to Uwajima from Matsuyama that take about 90 minutes and cost 1, yen or free with a rail pass. Because of the graphic nature of the scene, the shrine is filled with laughter. To make a full day of it, you can also visit that original castle yen, grounds are free to enter , and Tenshaen Garden yen is a beautiful place to pause for a while. The second floor displays various reproductions on sexual themes from different countries and times, pornographic lithographs of the French Revolution era. The picture directly above the Dekoboko temple is of some Korean statuary on the grounds of the Taga Shrine next door.

Sex shrine in japan

They also agree it would be difficult to decide where to begin to describe the exhibits, as they come from all over the world and range from the old to the new and the valuable to the trivial. The museum exposes the enduring erotic obsessions of Japan and rest of the world, but it pushes the boundaries further than most would be comfortable with. The sex museum literally and figuratively overshadows these playful figurines. Because of the graphic nature of the scene, the shrine is filled with laughter. The other photos on the page show various scenes in the Uwajima area. Next to Tenshaen Garden is the Date Museum yen , dedicated to the local feudal clan. There are lots of artifacts including shelves and shelves of virtually identical statues of many-armed Hindu gods having sex where the woman appears to be doing all the work. I never would have missed Sunday school! Shintoism originally had a strong fertility culture attached to it, somewhat suppressed by Christian missionaries. I wonder if the couple in the European illustration is performing the standing tree. The word is written with two kanji—deko, which means convex or protruding, and boko, which means indented. It has one of only 12 castles in Japan to survive from the Edo period, and yet all people want to talk about is the porn museum attached to Taga Shrine. It has a decent JR station and a quiet shopping street with s facades in slight need of renovation. Those in the first row are Japanese ukiyo-e. That sounds a tad oxymoronic. Once inside, the first thing to note is that this is all historical. The Taga Shrine is a minute walk to the north of Uwajima Station. The first floor is stuffed with objects such as statues from India an Thailand that rather belong to ethnographic museums. The museum was built to house the collection of Morimaru Kubo, the former priest at the Taga Shrine. It's most famous for its sex museum which happened to be a very average museum. Some elements of this ancient festival are difficult to fathom- why does the tengu mime urinating on the ritual rice offered up by kneeling priests in full ceremonial dress? A museum official says they have to rotate the items on display and claims it would take about 10 years for a visitor to see everything. To visualize boko, start with a fist and look at the back of your hand again. None of your reverse cowgirl nonsense for this tengu. Of course they sell trinkets for souvenirs. But yes, I will provide links. The chief priest of this Shinto shrine is the 87th priest in an unbroken line of priests always named Asuka- a tradition that has stretched down the ages for 87 generations, perhaps thanks to the legendary fertility conferred by the rite, which is said to bring luck in matchmaking, marriage and easy childbirth.

Sex shrine in japan

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    The shrine is famed for its fertility benefits, though as most residents I encountered were of the older demographic, I wondered who was benefiting. During the pantomimed sex act, the old man who played matchmaker does his best to provide them with a little privacy by running in front of their writhing bodies, shielding them from the public gaze with his shirt.

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    I never would have missed Sunday school! This time, raise your index and little fingers and curl them at the first joint at the knuckle into the fist.

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    Next to Tenshaen Garden is the Date Museum yen , dedicated to the local feudal clan. Little cultural or historic explanation is provided, in any language - it could be argued that the pieces speak for themselves.

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