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Sexting dares

Until the next round, you have to try to talk like Yoda. When you both have sex for the first time? Never try to uncover the details or secrets about the past of the other couples. Pull up your favourite porn site your phone right now. Have a contest to see who can come the fastest. Masturbate in front of the group or just your partner Why do you still have it?

Sexting dares

Dare you to take a sexy nude photo of the both of us 6. What is your best sexual memory? Do you have any spicy pictures or videos saved on your phone? Make a porno in front of the group. When were you sexually rejected? Do use this game as a revenge by asking for inappropriate truth or dares. Who will you choose if you want a threesome with your partner and a third person? Things to avoid during a sexy truth or dare game Prior to the start of this game, always keep these things in your mind: What was your biggest sexual disappointment? Cartoon character that you have the biggest crush on? You wake up tomorrow as a woman — what dirty things do you do all day? Take off her bra using one hand Stimulate two parts of your wife at once by the use of hand and mouth. Blindfold yourself, Spin around for ten seconds, whoever you are pointing to at the end, go in the next room and enjoy 7 minutes of heaven What sex toy would you want to receive as a gift and how would you use it? Have the other person quiz you on basic math questions while you watch a one-minute clip of something hot. Make a bowl of spaghetti and eat it with your feet. Have you ever cried because of me? Show me something you still have from when you were a teenager? Send a random gif to the first person in your contact list with no explanation. Draw the best picture of a dog that you can. You must do everything the group says to do for 10 minutes Have you ever kissed someone of the same gender? No one ever did X like X did. Make out with a bellybutton.

Sexting dares

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    Send the dirtiest text you can think of.

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    Truth or dare is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom — because not only do you get to have a ton of sexy fun with him, you also get to learn about his deepest, most secret fantasies in a safe, sexy environment 1.

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