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Why I'm Afraid Of Sex

The fear of sex

Pain with intercourse is common. It usually involves hypnotherapy, counselling or psychotherapy. If there is a specific cause, treating that cause first is important. Insecurities[ edit ] Some people may become afflicted with genophobia because of body image issues. You have to stop letting it make you small.

The fear of sex

Rape or sexual assault can cause PTSD and various kinds of sexual dysfunction, including negative associations with sex. It usually involves hypnotherapy, counselling or psychotherapy. Psychotherapy involves speaking in great depth about your early childhood memories, dreams, daydreams and sexual fantasies. We get tingly when we have sexual firsts like a first kiss, first fondle, first intimate moment, first date, first hand job, first sex. Some men and women can become obsessively self-conscious of their bodies. In other words, we treat the cause of your sexual phobia, not just the symptoms. This certainly helps you overcome the fear of having sex and makes the situation much calmer and relaxed. And later on in life, the experience of rejection starts the same old tape: Molestation[ edit ] Child molestation, or child sexual abuse , is a form of sexual assault in which a child, an adult or older adolescent abuses a younger child for sexual satisfaction. Treatment for genophobia If there is a physical component present, such as vaginismus , this can be treated accordingly. Past sexual abuse or PTSD. People-pleasing in sex is especially dangerous because the stakes of physical and emotional safety are so high. Children usually cooperate because they are not fully aware of the significance of what is happening. Or maybe you start the painful pattern of people-pleasing, of trying to anticipate what will make other people happy so you can gain their approval. Enjoy the moment and give your head some time off. Rape victims can experience added stress after the assault because of the way hospital staff, police personnel, friends, family, and significant others react to the situation. A doctor can do an exam to see if there is a physical component to your fear of sex, and if so, help treat that. A history of rape. Maybe the rejections or abandonments came on a smaller scale, but they still got woven into an internal story about your unworthiness or unloveable-ness. Causes[ edit ] There can be many different reasons for why people develop genophobia. Symptoms[ edit ] Symptoms of genophobia can be feeling of panic, terror, and dread. You might get pregnant. Rape[ edit ] Rape is the nonconsensual and unlawful act of sexual intercourse forced by one person onto another. Some people may have nosophobia: And this is how boundaries get crossed.

The fear of sex

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    We have six trained therapists comprising counsellors, hypnotherapists and psychoanalysts on staff, here at Bayside Psychotherapy.

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    Here is the thing about excitement and fear: To share a romantic night in, to book a naughty weekend away, to buy and enjoy sexy lingerie and playful sex toys.

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    Alternatively, your sexual phobia might simply be the result of performance anxiety. Treatment for your sexual phobia is pretty straightforward.

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    We get a thrill in our bodies when we begin to wake up to our own eroticism. Women are socialized to people-please, and in my programs we really look at the question of when genuinely caring behavior heads into dysfunctional waters.

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