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12 Things We Really Wish We Didn't Know About Tiger Woods' Sex Life

Tiger woods cheating in sex rehab

But can a person be addicted to sex? A spokeswomen for the clinic declined to comment on Woods last night, and the sheriff's office in Hattiesburg refused to confirm or deny reports that local police had stepped up security at the clinic following the arrival of a new celebrity patient. It happened with homosexuality, which up until was classified as a mental disorder by American Psychiatric Associate in their Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. Meanwhile, one eyewitness said she saw Woods arriving at the Hattiesburg-Bobby L. He issued an apology to his wife and the public, took a break from golf, and on February 5, he completed a month-long stint at the Gentle Path rehab program at Pine Grove in Hattiesburg, Miss. Woods can expect some tough days at Gentle Path.

Tiger woods cheating in sex rehab

So far, the star appears to be on the road to redemption. Real Disease or Easy Excuse? His luggage was already in the car. The idea is that people have little or no control over diseases unlike voluntary behaviors so the patient has less responsibility for his or her actions. Film stars and professional athletes have the money and power to indulge their illicit desires — as well as the ability to buy discretion. Multiple media sources in the southern state were confirming last night that Woods, who has not been seen in public since 27 November when he crashed his SUV just yards from his Florida home, has checked into the Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services clinic in Hattiesburg. Chain Municipal Airport on Monday night. He issued an apology to his wife and the public, took a break from golf, and on February 5, he completed a month-long stint at the Gentle Path rehab program at Pine Grove in Hattiesburg, Miss. Plenty of people cheat on their spouses: Society does not classify diseases in a vacuum. From a young age, he was hailed for his stoic concentration on the green and his role-model personality off of it. If Woods claims to be suffering from a sex addiction, he can adopt the role of victim or sufferer instead of a perpetrator or pervert. You can bet that if women found out their own husbands were struggling with sex addiction, they would label it and treat it. We've merely applied a label summarizing what we already knew—basically that the person has serious trouble containing his or her sexual impulses. The Gentle Path process works like this, according to the Enquirer: Social norms change over time, and influence which behaviors and actions are considered abnormal. If everyone golfed like Tiger Woods, he wouldn't be unusual, and if everyone acted like him, there would be no diagnosis of sex addiction. In the aftermath of the crash, a number of women came forward claiming to have had a relationship with Woods, who is married and has two children. The problem, Lilienfeld explains, is that the label "sex addiction" involves circular reasoning. It's not clear how he will explain himself, though according to some reports Woods has been attending a private rehabilitation clinic in Mississippi that treats addictions — including sex addiction. Tiger Woods and Sex Addiction: Road to redemption Tiger: Treatment at Pine Grove lasts for an average of six weeks. In Tiger Woods' first public remarks since his marital infidelity became known, he apologized for what he called "selfish behavior. And last October, a month before Woods' confession, ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips was caught cavorting with his 22 year-old production assistant, cried sex addiction and headed to rehab.

Tiger woods cheating in sex rehab

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