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Tips for honeymoon sex

Honeymoon Sex Planning Before, during and after the honeymoon, sexual communication is ongoing and essential for long-lasting and mutual sexual satisfaction. Protection should be the most important thing to follow, unless you are fine taking chances. Consider slowly undressing and showering together, first. Oral sex is extremely pleasurable for both partners and instead of zooming through this part, just enjoy blowing each others minds. On the wedding night, couples are tired and usually pass out. Be open to having sex more often than you might think to on your own. Clip your fingernails and make sure they are filed so that there are no sharp edges. Did keeping the lights on feel exciting?

Tips for honeymoon sex

Your first time will not be your best time. You get several books to from where you can take some inspiration. This can happen with a sexual massage, foot rub, back rub, or a shower. Realize, one of you may want it more often than the other. Most people are so excited to be on this vacation that some of their inhibitions naturally fade away. Make the most of your honeymoon. Take it slow and stay here a while. I chose to focus this column on sex in the early years of a marriage , as I think this is a very important time for couples. Play Aladdin Even if you two are already plenty passionate in your sexual encounters, there are bound to be some things you've been dying to try—and he's sure to have some secret fantasies of his own. Rate your favorite rides, compare notes with your cowboy, and revisit those trails every few months to see whether the scenery has changed. Once you know where his hot spots hide, make a point of seeking them out randomly during sex. Many have come to believe that their days after wedded bliss is supposed to be swinging from the chandeliers, sex on demand all-day-every-day. Before the honeymoon, head to your nearest adult store, or shop online and each person gets one toy that you can try together You will have a lot of time on your hands to play! Did keeping the lights on feel exciting? So before you actually hit the sheets, spend time with each other talking and cuddling. But having it your way all the time might send your sex life out to pasture. Make it your ambition to please your bride in terms of frequency, whether she wants it more or less than you. Rear entry—best for deep penetration. Urinate after each sexual interaction, take cranberry extract, and drink plenty of water. Many couples are just too exhausted to conjugate on night numero uno. It will feel more natural, over time. Instead, curl up next to your hubby, and get a little shut-eye. Wear something you can get into and out of fairly easily. That way, while you're curled up in the spoon position, you can dream about cashing in that IOU. Have your hubby lie down naked. Here are 7 ways to ensure you have a hot honeymoon: Plus, how to pack the fun and bring it home.

Tips for honeymoon sex

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    Before the honeymoon, head to your nearest adult store, or shop online and each person gets one toy that you can try together You will have a lot of time on your hands to play! Consider that you might not even have sex.

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    Many couples use oral sex as a means to get their partner aroused, and then move on to penetration.

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    See this less as a movie-like-sexual-peak, and more like the first time you ride your bike:

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    Include anything sexually you would like to do or open to exploring with your partner — from bondage, spanking, and new positions, bring some of your fantasies to the conversation. The emotional aspect of sex lasts longer and makes it more memorable and meaningful that just a hot make out session.

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