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Triplets sex blog

The house was so quiet I sat down with a cup of coffee and promptly fell asleep. Caesarean birth under general anaesthetic I was booked to have a caesarean at 37 weeks. When I told Cole we were expecting triplets, his response was "Oh, bloody hell! I just feel like a mom of three. By then we had a routine set up and they could entertain themselves a little more. It also got easier once they were on solids.

Triplets sex blog

We just grabbed bits of sleep when we could. We go through 3 gallons a week too! With Katie and the triplets, I had needed to be organised; now family life became a military operation. By then we had a routine set up and they could entertain themselves a little more. The last thing we want them to think is that being a multiple is a bad thing. He started talking about selective termination, multiple birth and so on, but I didn't hear a thing. Enter your due date or child's birthday Trying to conceive? Moms of multiples also hear a lot of comments that are rude and honestly, hurtful and you get to a point where you brace yourself when people come to approach you. But it wasn't until they were a year old, and starting to be more independent, that the worst was really over. Even though I had endometriosis, my doctor told me that if I could get pregnant once, I shouldn't have a problem second time around. And I remember having those thoughts when I found out I was pregnant with triplets. Joshua needed a little help with breathing and feeding, as he was so small. We encounter many sweet people when we are out of the house. He looked so tiny and vulnerable in his cot, but he was doing well. Having three children of the same age is tiring, because they all want the same thing at the same time. My dad would pick up Jacob from nursery while my mum made lunch and, in the afternoon, Jacob and I would go to the park, play a game or watch a video together. Funnily enough, I'd always wanted triplets and twins, but put that dream to one side when I didn't get pregnant straight away. But I loved being pregnant. I run on a little sleep and a lot of protein shakes. They'd been put in individual cots , but we put them together in one cot. This time round, the pregnancy was more of a struggle. None of the babies was there, but a euphoric Cole was. I managed to work part-time until 24 weeks and then spent a month working from home. I just appreciated being asked. Running around after triplets while pregnant with twins was demanding. Taking pictures and keeping us stopped or cornered have more to do with privacy, comfort level, and time.

Triplets sex blog

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    So, when they were 18 months old , we moved to a bigger house in Eastbourne, which gave us a whole new outlook.

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    Different countries may have different data-protection rules than your own. But I adjusted quickly.

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    He was a bit shy and nervous, but he happily sat and held the babies. I had planned to have the caesarean under general anaesthetic.

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