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Watch blue valentine sex scene

There is no logical way a reasonable human being could say that this is less appropriate for a teenager than any of those listed above. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. It's quite brutal, emotionally, at times. The two go away to a romantic hotel for a night to try and rediscover something, and end up in a graphic sex scene that is just hard to watch. You see the beginning of the end, then you see how they meet, you see the relationship deteriorate further, then you see their amazing first date. It's not as graphic as say "Monsters Ball," but there is a resistance by Williams, followed by a resignation, she doesn't want to, but she'll do it. Specifically I am enamored with the line, "Shall I, after tea and cake and ices have the strength to force the situation to its crisis. This is not an easy movie to watch.

Watch blue valentine sex scene

Through most of the film it is obvious that the only reason they stayed together as long as they did is because of their daughter, and their absolute love for her. He is still infatuated with her, but she has moved on and there isn't any of the old spark left. The scene that earned the NC is quite graphic. Gossling and Williams are both superb in this film. You see the beginning of the end, then you see how they meet, you see the relationship deteriorate further, then you see their amazing first date. Williams character says early on, "How can you trust your feelings when they can just disappear like that? This script went through 66 drafts over 12 years and it shows in the attention to detail, the brilliant pacing, and the way it allows a look and silence to speak volumes. It's quite brutal, emotionally, at times. DirkesDiggler 29 October Warning: Sign in to vote. This style allows you to see how they fell in love with each other, but also showed the lack of foundation the ultimately doomed them. He plays all the clumsy sweetness and frustration of Dean perfectly, and she plays the damage and need to be loved with a quiet power that is absent from most performances today. That is what this film is about. It is graphic, but more that that it is sad. For want of any other description, it is terribly stupid. My favorite poem is T. Most films center on the beginnings of a relationship the honeymoon , the middle where things have reached a comfort point , or the divorce proceedings, but you rarely get the moment when the relationship dies. Spoilers I am going to soap box it here for a second. This is not an easy movie to watch. They view it as something that is there or it isn't. There is a combination of present time and flashback showing how these two people came together and how the inevitably fell apart. You're in a relationship that is failing, you know it's failing, the other person knows, your friends know, but it just hasn't reached that crisis point that forces it to end. While I did enjoy this film it is most definitely not something I would watch often. Things are good, then they aren't. The dynamic of goofy, doting father, and concerned, loving mother is brilliantly played, and creates some genuinely sweet and heartbreaking moments. If you think of a relationship as having a life then Blue Valentine is that life at the moment of death where the life that is dying flashes in front of your eyes. It is good enough to deserve another view or two, but it is just to heartbreaking.

Watch blue valentine sex scene

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