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Anal Sex Safety and Health Concerns

Which lube for anal sex

How to Choose the Best Lube for Anal It might take a little experimenting to find the right anal lube for your body, just as it can take a little trial and error to figure out what hand lotion or shampoo works best for you. If You've Got Money To Burn If only the best will do for your anal activities , here are a few premium formulas that'll get the job done right. Water-based lubricants can not be used in all situations — They can not be used in a bathtub, pool, or hot tub because they dissolve in water. Hybrid lubricants are a blend of water and silicone. Easy To Clean Up — They are easily absorbed by skin tissue and thus easy to clean up after using them. The anus is sensitive to ingredients and scented or dyed products can cause irritation or pain. The anus, however, lacks this ability and needs the judicious use of something slippery to help prevent against irritation. In addition to writing she is an artist who works with assemblage and sculpture.

Which lube for anal sex

Most companies make small lubricant bottles or sample sizes, so pick a few of them up at your local sex toy store or website. When performing an anal massage, you can use a glove or use your fingers. Not to mention, this stuff is really good for your skin. Use silicone lubes with glass or plastic toys only. Metal, vinyl, and plastic toys are good to go in all lube departments. Whether you're a seasoned pro or you're trying anal for the first time, you should know that one of the most important components to having good anal sex is using lube — and lots of it. Non sexual uses — These lubes are great for use during a massage. It doesn't become sticky and it doesn't have a smell. This is why we highly, highly discourage the use of numbing creams. Oils will make condoms break in about 30 seconds, so if you use them, be sure to go with a different option. Hard to clean up — Silicone can be difficult to remove from sheets and other fabrics as well as your skin. For anal intercourse silicone based lubes tend to last longer. Avoid products with scents or dyes. It's cheap and extra slippery — and you can have it delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less if you live in an area that goPuff services. If you do, you should cover your toy with a condom all the way over the base. Best Anal Lube Reviews Keeping the above advice in mind will always lead you to the right lube but having a list of recommendations is always a good way to start a shopping trip. To me, having sex with Pjur lube compared to the water-based lubes is like taking a ride in a Lexus compared to taking a ride in a Kia. Most gel or water based lubricants are recommended for butt plugs or anal toys. There are many good reasons for that, including: Since the lube is absorbed easily, you may need to reapply during intercourse. Some oil-based lubes and silicone-based lubes have been associated with an increased occurrence of yeast infections. How are you supposed to figure out which one is going to make anal sex feel as incredible as possible for you and your girl? The anus is a touchy area so precaution against tears, infection and other nasties helps avoid serious complications in the future. They give you the best of both worlds: Since this is a natural oil, it can damage and break latex condoms. Easy To Clean Up — They are easily absorbed by skin tissue and thus easy to clean up after using them.

Which lube for anal sex

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