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Registered Sex Offender Tries To Hook Up With An Underage Child

Zman sex offender issues

Btw I was molested as a child my molester isnt on the list so why should you put someone that i love on the list who did nothing but change his freaken pants in his own stupid car to get on the list. By making the names and addresses of sex offenders readily available to the public, often with interactive maps, the goal is to empower people with information so they can take appropriate steps to protect themselves and their families. I say limit the list to just child molesters and rapist. So if you molest once you have no public record. Sex Offender Feb 17, And, just like SOSEN , Roar for Freedom is a haven of pedophiles and other serious sex offense criminals whose charges speak for themselves. You are a very blind person!

Zman sex offender issues

I am going to approach him as well as notify everyone that resides here about his about his arrival. And studies show reoffense rates for sex offenders are barely over five percent, making sex offenders among the least likely criminals to reoffend. Nor do we hear about the sex offenders who go through treatment and are rehabilitated, because in those cases, no news is good news. The drug scene those so many years ago had been his problem, back then he had faced those weighty issues and broke his dependence, through religion and hard work. Why is most of our Counrty trying to protect the offenders and not the victims? Sex crime rates have declined over the last couple decades. Walter Jan 1, Look what happen to Rodney King or Abner Luima for just being black. Here is the opening excerpt from the News Release: Everyone isnt a monster of a sicko some people really do just make mistakes! Publicly humiliating ex offenders, and restricting their access to the social resources they need to make the necessary changes in their lives is hypocrisy! This creates laws that are based on emotional reactions rather than rational arguments about the effectiveness of certain policies. By making the names and addresses of sex offenders readily available to the public, often with interactive maps, the goal is to empower people with information so they can take appropriate steps to protect themselves and their families. Listen to this, go to about The fact that I was abused by someone doesn't give me or my family the right to take it out on others. Come up with solutions, not "feel good" laws, which make it harder and harder for sex offenders to get on with their lives. Trust worthiness is questionable giving no grace of forgiveness ever. Add in the shame that still arises from my childhood incest, as well as the behavior that put me on the registry as an adult, and the prospect of "baring it all" seemed all the more daunting. Check out the law suit against these people at: I am sick of the lying on the list. The context of each class was slightly different, but in all of them I detailed my crimes, jail sentences, court-ordered treatment, and some of the many problems that came with being classified at the highest level of the registry for life. Protecting children requires a more thoughtful and comprehensive approach than politicians have been willing to support. Moreover, the laws apply to all registered sex offenders regardless of whether their prior crimes involved children. Not only did he break the terms of his parole, but he molested a 5 year old girl within 2 years of his release. This is totally stupid! Stories of the senseless impact of residency restrictions are legion. Turns out I was speaking with Dr.

Zman sex offender issues

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    They base their opinions from pure speculation, with very few facts from which to make intelligent decisions.

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    We are stripped and scourged and hung on a cross until dead. Legislative hearings include highly emotional testimony from victims of sex crimes, but predictably few arguments from the side that could be labeled as sympathetic towards sex offenders.

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    For a sex offender, being homeless doesn't constitute an address, so why aren't these made to obide by the same rules?

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    Sex crime rates have declined over the last couple decades.

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    If you just lock them up without therapy, when they get out, they will be worse off.

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