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Enema sex play tube

What about the safety aspects of mixing enemas and sex, or of sharing nozzles, etc.? First, a preliminary enema with expulsion to "clear the way". The 1 difference between a "punishment" enema and a "reward" enema is the psychology of the enema receiver! When the recipients resist the enema and squirm around, they make it a lot harder than it needs to be. Once in a while, enemas can give cramps. Likewise, when I insert a colonic tube, I usually go in several inches, then out a bit, then in some more, then out some more For example, fill up a glass of wine.

Enema sex play tube

What about the safety aspects of mixing enemas and sex, or of sharing nozzles, etc.? When I say "alcohol", I mean wine, liquor and the like. Enemas as a tool for age play Most likely, this appeals to people who had, or witnessed, enemas as kids. Basically, she was trying the enema to humor me. It's counter-intuitive how such a long tube can safely go up the ass, given that the rectum is only a few inches long, before the colon makes several sharp turns. I just happened to come across the concept of erotic enemas, and I am a little curious. But then, you might ask, why don't people die when they get really drunk? The enema experience in my films is never staged: Enemas can be many different things to different people. Needless to say, I use inflatable balloon nozzles in a number of videos and photos There are many different chemicals -- with varying biological effects -- that share the general designation of "alcohol". For starters, buy an enema bag from your local store. Did you remember to let the air out of the hose line before taking the enema?? Of course, reward enemas tend to be more gentle, and involve masturbation -- but the key difference is the psychology. As far as I know, men are more likely to enjoy enemas or any anal insertion than women, because of pleasurable sensation from the prostrate gland. In most cases, only minutes before they were telling me how "enemas are not their thing", but they were trying it just to be open-minded and to humor me! Passing out is the saving grace! But other possibilities exists, too. Here are medical enema videos , shot by us or by other studios. Here are some books that mention enemas: For beginners, I recommend 14 or If you're a beginner, it's best to choose an extremely thin tube -- the kind that's so soft that you could stick it up your eye without hurting yourself! If dry, at best it'll fold up like an accordion -- and at worst it'll poke the intestine uncomfortably and dangerously. Ask the Enema Wizard Got a question? I usually give no more than 2 full squeezes to the bulb that inflates the inner balloon. Any time that there's an exchange of body fluids including unprotected sex, or nozzles or toys going directly from one person to another , there's a danger of transmission of HIV -- the virus that causes AIDS -- or of several other STDs "Sexually Transmitted Diseases". The French scale has nothing to do with the length of the tube; it only measures the thickness.

Enema sex play tube

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    I am really interested to try out enemas!

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    If "nothing happens" and the bags doesn't empty out, try raising it.

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    Then I turn on the water and wait until at least a quarter of the enema bag is empty.

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    Never pour from the liquor bottle into the enema bottle, "eyeballing it. I recommend combining the enemas with massage.

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    If the enema is self-administered, I recommend using a bag, rather than a squeeze bulb. Then I turn on the water and wait until at least a quarter of the enema bag is empty.

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