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Husband forces his wife to lick or suck his private parts. Is it allowed? Adv. Faiz Syed

Is oral sex haram

Taking the filth with all its forms in the mouth is unlawful. Modesty is one of the things which distinguish a human being from an animal. Although not specific to sex, we can add the following: Point 4 bears examining because clothes can be washed of the impure and he should advise to that, too. As regards your question, it is to be noted, first of all, that all acts that aim at satisfying and pleasing the spouses are allowable so long as two things are avoided, that is anal sex and having sex with a wife while she is still in her menstruation. There will be najis impurities entering the mouth which is used to recite the Qur'an , which should be avoided; ingesting these is haram. In the answer of point 2, the scholar cannot make that claim concretely, just as I cannot claim otherwise as to who did what. However Shariah has emphasized on shame and modesty.

Is oral sex haram

It his hurtful and impure. An individual may think once a month is excessive whereas another may think once a day is normal. This was a part of the questions being raised in Judaism and Christianity upon their people, as well. Though oral sex may not be discussed in hadiths, again, this point is ignoring the fact that the Prophet, himself, gave instruction as to what sexual encounters should be. These parts are not dirty like anus, but it is ordinarily disgusting to man. Allah, Exalted and Glorified be He, says: I would like to know what the Islamic shariah ruling is on the subject of sex between husband and wife. In the answer of point 2, the scholar cannot make that claim concretely, just as I cannot claim otherwise as to who did what. Some scholars' opinions are that it is inherently immoral or disgusting describing it like behaving like animals or non-Muslims ; it is befitting of Muslims to have a natural sense of morality, and shame and modesty hayaa , e. Historically, we have research and accounts of artifacts and other recoveries in the pre-islamic era of drawings, carvings, statues, various edicts, and what not detailing the history of sex, which also involved oral sex. Likewise, a lack of consensus is also raised in al-Fatawa al-Hindiyya sourced from Darul Iftaa: Reported by al-Bukhari' Muslim, and others; the narration is taken from al Tirmidhi. My father died a martyr at Uhud, leaving behind daughters, so I did not wish to marry a young girl like them, but rather an older one who could take care of them and look after them. I tried to look in some Islamic books but there is no clear guidance that I could find. Those Western people are accustomed to stripping naked during sexual intercourse. Then Sahaba Allah be pleased with them were never shy and ashamed in learning the truth. On that basis, the "understanding" begins to fall apart. When books of Fiqh talk about what is lawful and what is not, they typically mention that a husband and wife may give pleasure to one another in any way they wish other than the above mentioned things. In my estimation, it is an opinion and dislike for oral sex, but nothing more given the context of understanding human historical sexuality. There are certain acts which have been clearly prohibited in Shariah, that are: The issue of oral sex is frequently asked. Therefore, it is important to mention the Islamic perspective on oral sex in detail. But if sucking leads to releasing semen, then it is Makruh blameworthy , but there is no decisive evidence to forbid it. Based on this, if it is scientifically proven that oral sex or such practices cause mouth cancer or form a danger on the health of a person who practices it, then it becomes totally prohibited. Total nudity, excessive sexual intercourse, etc… Oral sex As far as oral sex is concerned, there are two aspects to the issue.

Is oral sex haram

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    If a person does it to arouse the sensations during foreplay and the impurities do not enter the mouth then it is not a sin. Due to the act being considered against the proper conduct of a Muslim, most scholars have held this practice to be disliked even in the situation where one does not orally take the filth.

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    As for what you mentioned, i.

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    As far as the second aspect is concerned, which is the Shariah ruling on oral sex; this actually depends on what you really mean by oral sex.

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    Has there ever been a study done that oral sex causes undue harm on men or women?

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    One bears the responsibility of one's own decisions: The definition of "excessive" is conjectural, as well.

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