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Kama sutra tantra sex

So why the confusion? She lifts her basin, and he gradually enters his lingam into the happiness giving yoni, while he caresses her breasts, arms, shoulders in ecstasy. The Tantric tradition indicates this posture to be approached in the starting phase of the erotic act as it greatly triggers and amplifies the sexual energy and implicitly the passion and the amorous effervescence. His lover will sit on his knees, letting herself slide into his lap and leaning her back against his lifted knees. Given the portrayal of them both in popular culture, it can be difficult to see the differences between them. For the man, this posture can be a delight when the woman knows and applies the art of the vaginal muscle contractions. The Kamasutra presents two ways in which women can take an active role: He defines different types of men and women, matching what he terms "equal" unions, and gives detailed descriptions of many love-postures.

Kama sutra tantra sex

In this position he can hold her breasts and massage them gently, touch her clitoris and stimulate it by caressing, or perhaps hold her thighs, realizing thus a deeper penetration. The man can be very attentive to his beloved so that by moving her upper buttock right hip to reach the most sensitive area of her YONI, concentrating thus on the pleasure she experiences in the cervix. She can search for specific penetration angles that favor the erotic stimulation of specific areas and will insist on them as much as she desired, then changing the position of the pelvis to switch to other desired areas. In this position, their bodies have the largest area of contact, which brings a plus of pleasure and joy. Nevertheless, the Kama Sutra is the earliest surviving sexual "how-to" and set the stage for many others, including those in which sexual techniques, postures, potions, charms and superstitions were promoted over the centuries. At first the man sits on the bed with his legs straight. In Tantra one learns how to please someone else through ways that are not focused on pure sexual pleasure but intimate connection. Even some professional sex writers are confused. In addition to the exciting deep strokes that he realizes, the man can caress his lover with very much tenderness throughout the body, back, breasts, thighs, intensifying even more the orgasmic experience. It can arouse strong and intense feeling of passion and, also, to generate a state of introspection that leads to states of implosive orgasm, fully lived deep inside. Ejaculation can be successfully stopped in this way. Holding his spine straight the man gets the woman in his arms while introducing his lingam in her yoni, and she sits on him holding him by the shoulders and crossing her legs around his torso, letting herself penetrated with voluptuousness. In this posture, he can hold and gently massage her breasts, caress her clitoris or can hold her thighs, getting thus to a deeper penetration, as well as to an excellent stimulation of the G spot. The approach of this position may be demanding for the woman, especially if the muscles of her thighs and calves are not well trained. Modern illustrations show the woman with her knees against her breasts, but they should be in her armpits, with her thighs close to her sides and her feet low, not up in the air. At first, the man sits on the bedside, and the woman sits down facing him sorrounding his waist with her legs and she tenderly circles her arms embracing him around his neck. If she feels that the pleasure tends to reach a climax which could be controlled with more difficulty, then she stops and focuses along with her lover on the lifting sublimation of the energies. This small and highly secretive organization privately published the Kama Sutra in and the Ananga Ranga in , the first ancient Hindu treatises on the arts of love to be translated into the English language. The woman will be in total control of the angle and depth of penetration. Some magical procedures of a type that in later times would be described as Tantric, are also found in the last chapter of the Kama Sutra. It was compiled by the Indian sage Vatsyayana sometime between the second and fourth centuries A. In this posture, the sexual organs have a good contact, which allows the woman to be penetrated very deeply. Later, Burton co-founded the Kama Shastra Society. Let us unite as frenetically and profoundly as possible with the help of amorous continence and to achieve thus the perfect bliss of the divine lovers. The most famous is the posture in which the woman kneels on all four members and the man penetrates her from behind.

Kama sutra tantra sex

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    The posture can be done symmetrically both sides , balancing in this way the circulation of the subtle erotic energy in the body, for as a complete and fulfilling amorous experience as possible.

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    Oftentimes a couple can get more pleasure out of the postures in which they engage less sexual power but more emotional energy, when they kiss or hug. The lover will sit comfortably in a spacious armchair lightly lifting his knees with the help of a pillow placed under his thighs.

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    Alex Comfort's was not his first erotic work.

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