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What Sexual Activities Are OK with God in Marriage?

Oral sex for married couple

But if the wife has a guilty conscience about this matter, then the husband should not use either his authority or his need for sexual pleasure to compel his wife to practice oral sex, and thus to sin Romans When he is about to climax… Okay, this is the struggle for a lot of women. Your husband has dreams of conquest and adventure. Do you think oral sex is okay? Both of you grow in trust, knowledge, and honesty as you learn to give amazing oral. He warns that this deprivation can make these couples prone to temptation outside the marriage. I encourage giving him a seductive dance, strip show, or wearing sexy lingerie to start things off.

Oral sex for married couple

Pay close attention to caressing and gently massaging his inner thighs, testicles, chest and neck. Invite him to be your teacher, and together you two will thoroughly enjoy sexual pleasure. No need to pull out the credit card for this one! Would I like to in her mouth sometimes? But if the wife has a guilty conscience about this matter, then the husband should not use either his authority or his need for sexual pleasure to compel his wife to practice oral sex, and thus to sin Romans If one spouse is not open to it, then it is not okay to push that on her or on him. And I think I would feel rejected if he did not like giving me oral sex because he did not like my taste. It would be nice, but oral sex is usually part of foreplay. See also my posts…. Push through the possible discomfort you may feel, learn what you need to, forgive the past, get over your insecurities, and surprise him with an amazing oral experience. But I just have to hear it from a female. Anticipation is powerful, especially when it comes to sexual arousal. Because it works for us I know he enjoys it so its something I can do to please him. Consider how lucky you are to give him this amazingly satisfying gift. It did for me, for many years and I know it does for other women like me, married Christian women, that is. It is your delight to honor and serve him in this intimate way. With a healthy diet of generous sex in a marriage, he feels emotionally satisfied. I would like to [fill in the blank]. For different personalities, you do want to honor the differences that you have. Christian Preaching as Worship. Again, you need his feedback. Does he want your hand to wrap up and over the top of the head of his penis in a rhythmic motion? Here are some of the comments from the wives who do: When you choose to learn exactly what he craves and serve him happily and enthusiastically, you make him feel manly, sexy, and powerful. It is a gift you should be giving this holiday season and all year round.

Oral sex for married couple

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  1. JoJozuru Reply

    As married couples, we should be the most open with one another.

  2. Gutilar Reply

    Guys, if you are reading this who am I kidding? And part of that is oral sex.

  3. Kazralmaran Reply

    I want to experience the sensation but never have with her. That being said, when you model such behavior it can be a great example for him to follow.

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    Even if her reticence is a matter of preference, I think the husband should honor it. The one said take it or leave it.

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